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Football Theme Home Decor | Customisable FIFA Cards and More

So you are a die-hard FIFA lover who wants to adopt this sports theme in your lifestyle? Your wardrobe and the entire room can turn into a FIFA-themed temple if you select the interior home decor ideas smartly. There is a lot to explore beyond football jerseys and scarves if you are thinking of planning for a complete transformation. We will help with every step of decoration you need on the walls, roof, shelves or table. Scroll down and figure out which accessories can match your interiors. 

FIFA Theme Interior Decor Ideas

Wall Decor 

The walls of a room illustrate more exposure than other areas. Thus, you have to focus on the wall decor ideas as a priority. Search for 3D wall stickers relevant to your favourite team and players. Canvas paintings can add some more grace to your vacant wall space. Similar options are also available for roof decor. The Wall clock of football theme is another eye-catching element that you cannot ignore. Right placement of your wall stickers and paintings under sconces can enhance the overall impression to a whole new level.

Shelves Decor 

Showcases and bookshelves are not meant for filling the entire space with utilities only. You have numerous options of decor ranging from won trophies and shields to FIFA themed so pieces.  

The customisable FIFA cards must be on your top priority list while searching for shelves decor items. They are available in both cardboard and metal sheets. All the graphics and stats can be customised as per your personal preferences. You can also put these cards on the wall with the help of some supportive screws.

Floor Decor 

Turn your room floor into the football field! Yes, it may resemble the actual football field to an extent with the help of rugs and formats. Green colour rugs with artificial grass and football field boundaries look great. Moreover, big round football-shaped footmat welcoming visitors at the door implies a different impression.


How about adding some furniture based on the FIFA theme. The most convenient and impressive accessory available in this category is a bean bag. An XXXL size bean bag of football shape or your favourite team’s logo should be there in the corner. 

In addition, Football shaped knobs for your drawers are also available in the market. Replace your ordinary knobs with Football, rugby ball and basketball-shaped knobs. Try to find the furniture accessories relevant to your personalised football cards if possible.


If everything is changing, why not the lighting system? How about putting an LED football on your table or shelf. Even more interesting things can be done if you have string garlands. They are embellished with small footballs. You can hang them alongside curtains and even around the canvas paintings. 

Everything is transformable into a FIFA theme, from custom football cards to a lighting system. According to your budget and space availability, buy them online because almost everything is available at eCommerce stores. If your budget is not a problem, hiring an interior designer who can renovate the room from scratch is advisable.

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