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Do Mileage Blockers Work?

Do mileage blockers work is a question we see on the net quite a lot, the simple answer is yes, they do the job of filtering out miles or kilometers from the vehicle’s dash and ECU units.

When the stoppers/blockers are activated, they simply filter out the mileage data from the speedo and block any further data being transferred to all ECU modules within the vehicle. This makes them 100% untraceable to any diagnostic equipment including dealer-specific equipment.

When the blocker is removed it will still show the same mileage as it did when the blocker was fitted.

The chosen settings are saved each time the vehicle is switched off, so you are not required to re-set it for the next time you use your vehicle.

The speedometer and all the other assistance systems work as usual and in most cases will not show any error codes.

On most vehicles, we offer multiple modes to choose from including 10% so that only 10 in every 100 miles is recorded, 25% so that only 25 in every 100 miles is recorded, 50% so that only 50 in every 100 miles is recorded and simply on so that 100% is not recorded and off so that everything is recorded as usual.

The reason we offer these modes is to allow adjustment for modifications that may have been made to the vehicle.

The main purpose of mileage correction services and tools

As time goes on it is possible for the vehicle to lose it’s calibration settings, this in turn gives a false reading of the mileage the vehicle has actually covered. Another reason is to compensate for the changes in tyre size. when your vehicle is purchased new, it will come with a standard sized wheel (A common size is 205 55 16″) the vehicles speedo is calibrated to that specifically sized wheel, if you change the width or diameter of the wheel this will calibration would then be out of sync and even worn-out tires will affect the mileage significantly.

Changing to non-standard tyre size

Changing tyre is an important improvement to the vehicle not only to enhance its appearance but also to make it more convenient for off-road driving. Similarly, some people prefer smaller tire size and install them without any thoughts about the digits displayed on the speedometer. However, these changes significantly affect the mileage of the vehicle and can mislead people. For instance, if a standard size for your vehicle is 16-inch and you use 15-inch tyres, the speedometer will display 100,000 miles when you have only traveled approximately 90,000 miles. As you can see the changes are quite noticeable and can become irreversible as this data is recorded in multiple modules of the vehicle. With a mileage blocker this could be prevented as it is possible to set adjust the blocker to record 10% less.

Worn tyres

You may be surprised to hear this, but worn-out tyres can also affect the mileage of your car. It can cause significant differences in the long run and will distort the mileage of your car. It is always advisable to avoid having worn-out tyres as it will not only affect the distance recorded in your vehicle but could also put you  in danger of an accident.

Speedometer calibration is vital to deal with such inconsistencies. As we have already discussed, Mileage Stopper Tools have different modes. With this module, you can choose the percent of the overall traveled distance that you would like to record, in order to avoid excess mileage saved in the memory of your vehicle. For instance, there are modes to record only 10%, 20% or different amounts of mileage. The modes differ for different makers and it is advisable to check the description of your specific car.

Testing the performance of your car

The manufacturers usually advertise the newly produced cars with performance statistics that sometimes might seem unbelievable. Hence, it is good to check the reliability of these numbers as soon as you purchase a new Car. Similarly, some people prefer testing their vehicle to make sure that everything works as smoothly as it has to.

The mileage is usually used to determine the condition of the vehicle and it will be good if you could make sure that you are cautious of this number. If you would like to test your car on a dynamometer or in any other controlled environment, you can use a mileage correction to avoid recording unnecessary mileage. The most convenient product, in this case, is a mileage blocker module as you can stop the mileage during the testing period and continue recording as soon as you are done testing.

So Do Mileage Blockers Work? YES they work for the reasons stated above but are not designed to be used for fraudulent activity!

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