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Delhi to Goa – Packed your bag yet?

If you are ever planning to visit south India from Delhi or Delhi to Goa, do stop by for a few days at Goa – India’s hottest tourist hub. The beaches and way of life in Goa are a class apart from the rest of the country.

Travelling is a major facet of human life; we travel on a very consistent basis. Today, air travel is very affordable and covers almost all the major cities and tourists destinations in the country. One of the major reasons for travel is vacationing and leisure. As humans, we are always looking to find solace and happiness in visiting new places and enjoying the local culture and cuisine. It is one of the finer experiences in life which gives us fulfilment and happiness.

When travelling for holidays and going to warm places, there are certain dos and don’ts. It is also very dependent on how long one is travelling for. The essentials can be very less and is entirely up to the traveller. Yet the more commonly taken items, which are considered very important in the warm weather, are:

  • Sunscreen: Warm areas face good amounts of sunlight and face a lot of UV radiation. This can lead to skin damage and worst case scenario, even cancerous development. Hence a good quality sun-block is advisable. They can range from simple Sun-protect 15 to something as high as 120.
  • Sunglasses: Our eyes are very sensitive organs; they help us perceive perhaps the most important sensory system, the sight. Sun rays can be damaging and harmful to eyes and sunglasses with polarization is considered very handy.
  • Light coloured clothing: Dark coloured clothes can be high absorbers of heat and can cause discomfort and unnecessary sweating. The more advisable thing would be to carry lighter shades of clothing and materials which are highly sweat-absorbent, such as linen and cotton.
  • Breathable footwear: Boots and other kinds of footwear is a bad idea when going to a warm place and instead one should carry lightweight items such as flip-flops and sandals.

Apart from these,  one should always pack light and carry only essential items, as there may be various things that one can find lucrative and worth the money in vacation spots. They can be something as trivial as a souvenir or even a steal deal on something which only one can buy there.

There are many more factors such as airline limits and what type of booking one makes. Certain flights on certain sectors such as Delhi to Goa flights schedule only allow for carry-on baggage. This highly restricts what one can carry and what one cannot. Pack light and travel light is the usual motto, and it works well for backpackers and solo travellers. The type of clothing is also very dependent on the activities one plans to do. For excursions and treks, they have to carry more robust clothing. These factors and much more play crucial role in the types of things one should and should not carry during vacations.

Travelling is trending, the youth feel that it is an experience and life skills builder; the elderly want to travel as the costs are much lesser than what had been before. Vacationing is very common and people need to be aware of what to pack and what not to.


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