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Check CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus for Both Term (2022-23)

The syllabus of class 12th economics helps the students to know about their upcoming exams. The CBSE board mentions all the class 12 economics syllabus details on the website. The CBSE board makes some changes to the new syllabus in the academic year 2022-2023. All the students must prepare themselves for the upcoming class 12 exam as per the syllabus.

Moreover, the newly designed economics syllabus of class 12th 2022-2023 provides vast national and international economics knowledge. So with the help of expert teachers of Vidya setu, you will learn the new statistical tools of economics. Additionally, you study supply-demand chain, market structure and effects of cost on the nation from the new economics syllabus. By following all the guidelines of the class 12 economics syllabus.

Apart from this, term one and term 2 of the class 12th economics syllabus help you to learn the fundamentals of economics. In this section, you can collect the information about the class 12th economics syllabus of both terms below. Additionally, you can learn the importance of economics in this article.

CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus Term (1 & 2) 2022-23

The class 12 economics syllabus 2022-23 has two terms. In term 1, you will elaborately learn about money and banking, government economy payment and balance etc. Additionally, you also study India’s current Indian economy and economic developments. By the way, you also have project work on the first term of the economics class 12 board exam.

Similarly, term 2 includes national income and related aggregate, determination of income, and development experience of India. In this term, you also have project work. Thus you get in-depth knowledge about these chapters. And you also take the help of qualified teachers of Vidya setu. The expert teachers resolve all your doubts and queries to secure a good percentage. The detail of each term is described by Vidya setu below.

Class 12 economics syllabus Term 1

Part A- Introductory Macroeconomics·        Money and Banking·        Government Budget and the Economy·        Balance of PaymentsPart B- Indian economic development·        Development Experience(1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991·        Current  Challenges of the Indian EconomyProject work

Class 12 economics syllabus Term 2

Part A- Introductory Macroeconomics·        National Income and Related Aggregates·        Determination of Income and EmploymentPart B- Indian economic development·        Current  Challenges of the Indian Economy·        Development Experience of India – A comparison with NeighborsProject work

According to the previous syllabus, CBSE reduces 30% of the syllabus for 2022-23 sessions. The class 12th economics deleted syllabus 2022-23 includes GDP Deflator from unit 1 of term two and “case studies on energy: problem and policies- A critical assessment “from unit 2 of term 2. By reducing these chapters from class 12 economics syllabus term 2, the CBSE board will help the student learn detailed things about the rest of the chapters.

Importance of the Chapters of Class 12 Economics Syllabus

Each term of class 12 economics provides vast knowledge about the different economic development of India. Additionally, you can learn the statistical tools which are necessary for economics. Moreover, in the first part of economics class 12, you learn the terms and processes followed by the national banks. In the next part, the past economic conditions of India are described. With the help of both parts of economics, you can understand the Indian economic situation.

Moreover, the chapters of NCERT class 12 economics syllabus not only help in exams but also help in your day-to-day life. The economic functions of the nation are described in each chapter. It allows you to understand the structure and behaviour of our government with other countries. Apart from these, you will enhance your economic knowledge with the help of class 12 economics.

 Project Work Class 12 – Economics

Each term of the class 12 economics syllabus will have project works. These project works are allotted 20 marks from 100 marks of economics. Although you will select one topic from the syllabus and present your skill with the help of project works. With the help of project work, you can develop your creativity and interpersonal skills, which pushes you to go forward. The project work of class 12 economics helps in your growth of learning.

 How to check the Class 12 economics syllabus online?

  • First, you visit the official website of the CBSE board for the class 12 economics syllabus.
  • Next, you select the Academics unit- curriculum/syllabus. Next, you are redirected to the page where you select the senior secondary curriculum (XI-XII).
  • After that, you choose academic electives (group A). You will find many subject tables. From this table, select economics then you get the details of the class 12th economics syllabus.
  • Then download that page for the exam. In this process, you get the class 12th economics syllabus.


In conclusion, you secure a good percentage of marks in economics if you adopt the teaching technique of Vidya setu. Thus join Join Class 12 economics Online Classes by Vidya Setu to increase your score in board exams.


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