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Blue World City

Blue World is a popular Islamabad housing community. Properties for sale in the Blue World City are one of the newest trends in real estate investment in twin cities. It is Islamabad’s top-ranking housing society.

The housing society offers a variety of housing options that provide a peaceful environment for its residents. Blue world City Islamabad has been dubbed the future-oriented housing society by the International Standards and Codes. This is everything you need to know before buying plots in Blue world City Islamabad.


Blue World City is currently developing a Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company (BGC) and a Blue Group of Companies project. This magnificent housing society is located next to the Chakri Interchange, Chakri Road, and the proposed Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Blue World housing society in Twin Cities is the most affordable. Real estate investors love the affordability of this area. Blue World City Islamabad is a great option for those looking for high-investment returns residential schemes.

Blue World City Islamabad’s society is a reflection of owners’ and developers’ visions. Vision To provide a place where you can live lavish and comfortable lives at affordable prices.

Blue World City Islamabad is owned and developed by:

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is the developer and owner of Blue World City. Saad Nazir (ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore) is the owner of the housing society.

BGC has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. This is a well-respected and globally recognized company. To fulfill the oath to develop a housing society of high quality, the MOU was signed.

Blue Group of Companies

BGC was founded in 1989 in Lahore. It began its journey in 1989 as an architectural design provider and construction services provider. Their excellent work earned them a reputation as a professional and trustworthy company.

Blue Group of Companies’ impeccable designs and constructions have attracted reputable investors to the real estate market. It is now ranked among the top 5 real-estate development companies of Pakistan. The company is also internationally recognized.

The BGC is a one-stop-shop for all development services, including real estate development, marketing, and IT support. The company also owns several convenience stores and clothing brands.

Blue World has more than 300 employees who work in various sectors. This makes it one of Pakistan’s most diverse corporations.

These are the businesses that make up the following list:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • Blue Media
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix
  • Mart Blue
  • WPZ

Housing Projects of Blue Groups of Companies

Blue World City isn’t the first major BGC project; they have also developed renowned housing projects such as:

  • PIA cooperative Society
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Town Sapphire
  • Blue World City is their latest project and will be the most prominent housing project in the twin cities.

NOC Blue World City Islamabad:

Rawalpindi Development Authority is currently preparing the NOC for Blue World City. The permission letter was issued in the beginning to 427 Kanal Land. A second application was submitted after a few months for full approval.

Processing societies are the ones that grant NOC status. The status of these schemes can be found in both the legal and under-processing society lists. With the community’s rapid development and positive changes, it is likely that it will soon be granted legal status. Sky Marketing will keep you informed about Blue World City’s approval as soon as it has been approved.

Blue World City Location:

Blue World City Islamabad can be found on Chakri Road, near Chakri Interchange. It has direct access to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2. It is easily accessible from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the International Islamabad Airport.


Blue World City is the most accessible to both twin cities and is easily understood by anyone. Blue World City is one of the most unique and outstanding housing societies. This map shows the location.

Accessibility to the Blue World City Islamabad

  • Just off Chakri Road, next to Chakri Interchange
  • Only 13 minutes away from M-2 Route Lahore Islamabad Motorway.
  • Sihal Rawalpindi is 5 minutes away.
  • 13 minutes drive to Rawalpindi Race Club
  • Accessible easily from the new International Airport Islamabad Road
  • Accessible easily from central Rawalpindi
  • Accessible from Rawat
  • Qurtaba City is 20 minutes away
  • Partial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi is a half-hour away
  • Only 33 minutes drive from Khanial homes.
  • About 48 minutes drive from G.T Road Rawalpindi.
  • A one-hour drive from DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town.

Landmarks areas close to Blue World City Islamabad

Near Blue World City, there are 22 housing societies.

  • International Islamabad Airport
  • Qurtuba City
  • Capital Smart City
  • Khanial Homes Islamabad
  • Nova City Islamabad
  • Media City Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City
  • Top City 1
  • University Town
  • Green Oak Farms
  • Marble Arch Enclave
  • Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan:

Blue World City Islamabad was designed by professionals and international experts. The Urban Town Planning concept is used to develop the housing society. For transparency and outstanding designs, the owner of the housing project was involved in every stage of project design creation.


The housing scheme is divided into blocks. Investors can purchase residential or commercial plots in different sizes. This is the details of the project.

Overseas Block, Blue World City Islamabad:

The luxurious housing scheme’s overseas Block is one of its most attractive blocks. This block gained popularity quickly after its launch. The overseas block is designed for Pakistanis who live abroad. Before designing the block, we considered their lifestyle and needs.

The overseas block in blue city Islamabad has a limited number of residential and commercial plots available for sale. They will not feel any difference in life in Pakistan or abroad due to the unique features of this block. This is why overseas investors buy plots in large quantities without second thoughts.

The overseas block can be accessed directly from Chakri Road via the main gate to Blue World City. After completion, the housing project will be connected directly to M-2 from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses:

Blue World Farmhouses offer a tranquil and peaceful environment where you can live comfortably and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. This is a great alternative for those who want to escape the stress of everyday life. Blue Hills Country Farmhouses were included to meet the needs for peace and calamity.

Blue Hills Farm Houses are located in some of the most picturesque locations within the housing scheme. The block is surrounded by a beautiful stream of water that flows through it. It makes it a natural, tranquil and scenic place to spend your time. From 4 Kanal, you can find spacious plots available for sale in Islamabad at Blue Hills Country Farm Houses.

Orbital Apartments:

Orbital Apartments provide a premium lifestyle and luxurious style for residents in the Blue World. Investors can take in the breathtaking views all day, which is uncommon in Pakistan.

Residents can enjoy the highest horse mascots, a water theme park measuring 208 feet in width, orbital avenues and well-maintained parks. Investors in apartments for sale orbital can also enjoy themed interiors, indoor swimming pools, and luxurious infrastructure.

Awami Complex Blue World City:

Awami Complex contains Awami Residential Blocks, Awami Villas, and Deluxe Villas. The Blue World City’s newest addition is the Awami Complex. Each villa comes with all the necessary amenities to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in an exceptional housing community.

The Awami Residential Complex can be found right next to the central Blue World City and close to the International Islamabad Airport.

Size of residential plots and commercial plots:

Blue World City Islamabad covers a large area of 5000 Kanal and is divided into blocks with different sizes and types of residential and commercial plots. These are the details:

Residential plots:

  • 05 Marla plot
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Farm House plot Size:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 12 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal

Size of Blocks in Overseas Blocks of Blue World City:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots Size;

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan of Blue World City:

BWC Payment Plan 3 Marla Residential Plot:


BWC Payment Plan General Block:


BWC Payment Plan Overseas Block:


Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan:


Blue World City Executive Block Payment Plan:



Note: The Executive plots are not available currently.

BWC Payment Plan Blue Hills Farmhouses:


BWC Payment Plan Awami Residential Complex:


Blue World City Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan:

The down payment for the Overseas Executive Block plots is PKR 748,500. The plots are available on easy 12 monthly Installments. The payment plan of Overseas Executive Block is as follows:

The Most Prominent Features Of Blue World City:

These are some of the most important features of Blue World City.

  • Wide roads 120 ft Boulevard, main roads greater than 80 ft, and streets up to 40 ft.
  • Infrastructure of the highest quality
  • Basic Utility
  • Mass rapid transportation system for society
  • Boundary Wall
  • 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance
  • Gated Community
  • All basic utilities available 24/7
  • Grand Mosque
  • Underground utility supply lines are installed
  • Modern Commercial Centers
  • Paved jogging paths
  • Modern water sewerage system
  • A sophisticated drainage system
  • Community Centre
  • Recreational places like zoo, cinema, parks
  • All blocks have affordable plots
  • Diverse selection of residential and commercial plots within all blocks
  • The best educational and healthcare facilities
  • Experienced and qualified maintenance and management personnel

Facilities & Amenities:

Blue World City Islamabad, a unique residential community, is one of its kind. It will include the core of Chinese architectural elements. The housing society was designed to provide a high-quality living space at the most affordable real estate prices.

This project is an excellent choice for those with modest backgrounds who want to invest in plots available for sale within their budget. These are some of the amenities and facilities that residents can enjoy in the Blue World City Islamabad.

Grand Mosque

Each society has a Masjid within its project. The Grand Masjid at Blue World City, however, is one of these. This masjid was built to be a replica of the Blue Masjid in Turkey. Many architects around the world have been inspired by Blue Masjid of Turkey.

The architectural marvel known as the grand masjid was constructed in 1609 by Muslim architects. This replica demonstrates the preservation and revival of Islamic values as well as classic Islamic architecture. It will soon be a prominent icon of Blue World City.

Utility Facilities

The housing society is situated in one of Rawalpindi’s most densely populated areas. The provision of all utilities was a top priority for the community. Blue World City offers a 24/7 supply of water, electricity, gas, and electricity.

Underground pipelines conceal the amenities and make them available 24 hours a day. Hidden pipelines provide residents with greater safety and security. Society will not experience load shedding, water shortages or gas shortages.

This is possible because developers and management have promised to create a high-tech housing community where residents won’t face any difficulties with utilities.

The largest water theme park

Blue World City Islamabad will be the proud owner of the largest water park in Pakistan. The park will feature water slides, wave pools, slides, a volcanic waterfall, and a swimming pool for children.

Hospital with 40 beds

The construction of a hospital on international standards is underway. It will provide modern medical facilities to residents. It will include 40 beds and a team of highly-skilled doctors. The hospital will offer 24/7 emergency medical care. The housing society will also have a pharmacy and drug store.

Commercial Centre

Modern housing societies have one of the most prestigious commercial areas in the region. The commercial center is expected to be one of the largest commercial centers in Pakistan. It will be a one-stop shop for residents in the region.

Water Filtration

It is part of the luxury housing community’s high-end development. The residents will have clean drinking water. It has the same purification capabilities and levels as any modern, efficient filtration plant around the globe.

Police Station

Blue world society also has a police station to ensure law and order. This will make the housing community safer and provide calm and serenity for the residents. It will give people a sense of security.

Transport system for society

Blue world City developers promise comfort and luxury. Blue World City has developed a well-organized transportation system that allows residents to move from one area of the housing community to the next.

For uninterrupted electricity supply, power plant

Developers have created a zone that is load-shedding-free to help with power cuts and load shedding. The developers are building a power station that will supply electricity 24 hours a day, even during peak summer times.

Developers will also build solar farms to ensure electricity is available 24/7 in all corners of the housing community.

Blue World City Development

Even though the blue World City has not yet received NOC from RDA, it is rapidly developing. There are currently 22 Housing Societies in the vicinity of Blue World Society. It is the fastest-developing housing scheme.

Required documents for booking plots in Blue World City Islamabad

These are the documents that you will need to book plots in Blue World City

  • Two passport size photos
  • 2 copies of the National Identity Card for the buyer
  • 2 copies of the National Identity Card for the next of Kin
  • Overseas clients are required to submit copies of their Overseas National Identity Card along with the documents mentioned above.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blue World City Islamabad: FAQ

Who is Blue World City Islamabad’s owner?

It is part of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), which is owned by Saad Nasir. The Chinese Company Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company developed the mega-housing project.

Is Blue World City Islamabad a legal housing society?

The housing society was approved for its initial development and the NOC process is underway. It is a legal housing association, so the NOC approval will come soon.

How is development going in Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue city is moving at a rapid pace. Already, the development work is underway and the construction of the main entrance and boulevard has been completed. Also, the first phase of land leveling has been completed. It is anticipated that the product will be finished on time within the 3-4 year development timeline.

Are there any plots available in Blue World City that can be paid for with cash or installments?

You can purchase plots on two types of easy installment plans: Half-yearly 8 installments or per month installments for 4 years. The article provides more information.

Is there a commercial plot available in Blue World City Islamabad?

Yes, you can purchase commercial plots in Blue world City Islamabad. Housing Society offers a variety of plots, including residential and commercial.


Blue World City is a luxury housing community that offers affordability and luxury. Developers aim to offer residents an international lifestyle. Blue World City Islamabad, Pakistan’s dream housing project, is the best. Luxurious amenities, the international infrastructure of the highest quality, affordability, and easy installments are some of the top-selling points.

Prices for housing societies are currently low because the development work is still in its initial stages. NOC approval is also being considered. Prices will rise immediately once the first phase of development is complete and NOC approval is granted. Blue World City Islamabad makes the best real estate investment in plots available for sale in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

There are also luxurious housing societies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, such as Khanial Homes Islamabad and Park View City. These housing societies have been approved by Taj Residencia and offer a futuristic lifestyle with attractive income. Al Makkah City Islamabad offers affordable plots to buy in Islamabad.

Sky Marketing provides more opportunities to invest in real property.


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