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Best Things About The KTM Duke 390 That You Must Know

Since its inception, the 390 CC Duke has been winning the hearts of thrill-seekers in India. It is considered the ‘beast’ among KTM enthusiasts. It is well balanced and powerful. It can take corners as it owns them.

The following sections will shed light on 5 aspects of the Duke 390 that every rider should know about.

Here goes – 

#1 The visual appeal factors

The latest iteration of the Duke 390 is minimal compared to its predecessor. Hence, one can find that the styling of the bike has not been altered much. However, the colour schemes available for the bike have been revised. Available colour schemes for the bike are Silver Metallic and Ceramic White. The silver metallic scheme comes with an orange chassis and wheels. The sub-frame is painted black. The ceramic white colour scheme consists of a black chassis and wheels. The sub-frame is painted white.

#2 Overall package

KTM sure knows how to hold on to the market. Its approach has always been to keep its customers happy. The brand does that by offering feature-rich bikes. The latest iteration of the 390 Duke is no exception.

The bike comes with premium fitments like an all-LED headlamp unit. The centre console of the bike is a TFT display unit. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. The centre console offers all ride-related information. The display is the same as that one can find in the KTM 390 Adventure. Hence, one might miss the turn-by-turn navigation feature offered in the 390 Adventure.

#3 Performance

Every KTM bike is known for its free-revving engine and grin-inducing performance. The 390 Duke carries this trend forward even after the BS6 update. KTM engineers made sure that the performance of the bike remains unaltered. They just tweaked the exhaust manifold a bit to make sure that the bike complies with the BS6 emission norms.

The power and torque figures of the bike remain the same. It is powered by the same motor. It is a 373 CC, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, fuel-injected unit. It is tuned to belt out 42.9 BHP of peak power at 9,000 RPM. The peak torque is delivered at 7,000rpm and it stands at 37 Nm. You can buy this high-performance bike with the help of a Two Wheeler loan.

To enhance the performance of the engine at the top RPM range, the Austrian brand equipped the bike with a slipper clutch. The hardware works well with the racing-tuned and track-ready six-speed smooth-shifting gearbox. The slipper clutch promotes aggressive downshifts without locking the rear wheel. The overall performance of the gearbox is in-tune with the rest of the bike’s personality. It delivers crisp and precise gearshifts all the while working in tandem with the brand’s Quickshifter onboard system! 

The overall performance of the engine is refined until it exceeds the 4,000 RPM range. After that, the hooliganism of the motor comes out as it delivers impressive acceleration. Post 6,000 RPM range, in third gear, exceeding the 100 KMPH range is like a walk in the park! The top speed most riders can achieve on the bike is 147 KMPH. However, there are riders out there who have achieved a top speed of 163 KMPH!

All this power and speed need to be tamed when the time comes. This is why the bike comes with a 320mm disc braking system for the front wheel. The rear wheel is paired with a 230mm rotor. The brake callipers are from ByBre. The bike also comes with dual-channel ABS as OEM standard fitment.

#4 Ride quality

The exhaust note of the bike is now quieter. The overall character of the engine too has been enhanced. It lost its hooligan-like character but it can be unlocked after 4,000 RPM. The power and torque figures are the same as the predecessor of the bike but it feels more refined. KTM purists may or may not like it. It all depends on the rider’s overall riding style.

#5 Suspension

The suspension system remains unchanged. The bike has a 43 mm WP APEX upside-down fork-style suspension for the front wheel. It is paired with an open-cartridge system. The rear wheel is paired with a preload-adjustable monoshock suspension unit. It is also from the WP APEX range.

The suspension units are tuned in a manner that inspires the rider to take corners at high speeds. That is not recommended by the way. The overall geometry of the bike remains unchanged. This means that the bike still retains its well-balanced character. Furthermore, the bike feels more planted thanks to the Metzeler Sportec M5 (H-rated) tyres.


Every ride on the Duke 390 is as exciting as ever. The performance is linear and the features on offer are impeccable. Buying this bike could be the best decision one can make. For more details like available two-wheeler loan schemes for this bike, consulting with a KTM dealership spokesperson is advised.


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