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Best Applications That Disney Fans Must Have What are the Best Apps for Disney Fans?

Who isn’t a fan of Disney! I bet we all have grown up watching amazing movies from this company. Movies like Zootopia, Frozen, and The Lion King are just a few of their amazing titles. However, Disney is much more than just an entertainment company focused on movies and TV series. It has given life to many characters with the help of merchandise and theme parks. If you are a fan of Disney and interested in what the company is up to, you can always use some handy applications. Select a reliable ISP with good speeds like the Spectrum internet speeds so that you can use these apps seamlessly.

Following are some of the best Disney-related apps that fan must have. 


This application is a must for those fans of Disney who like to do video streaming. With this app, you will be able to watch many of the movies and TV shows from the company. You will also be able to see a wide range of content from Pixar and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from this, the application also airs content from national geographic. Over here, you can watch many of your childhood favorites as well. The old Disney classics of the 20th century are also present here. You will also be able to watch many of the modern Disney titles on Disney+. Apart from this, the application also provides users with timelines of upcoming Disney movies. You can get premium access to movies that are in theatres. Otherwise, you will need to wait for about three months with your regular subscription. 

My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World 

This application is one of the best ones if you want to visit Disney World in Florida. With it, you can see the wait times, opening hours, closing hours, and showtimes. The application also provides easy instructions to move around the theme park. Make sure to purchase tickets via the app before you head over to Disney World. You can also manage your hotel reservations and dining plans. You can download this application on both Android and IOS smartphones for free. However, the app comes with certain in-app purchases as well.


This application is quite similar to the above application. However, this app only works for Disneyland in California. It will allow you to manage hotel reservations and dining plans. You can also order food with the help of this app. Use the app to keep a track of your tickets as well. Make sure to check the opening and closing hours before you depart for the venue. The app will allow you to have an amazing experience while visiting Disneyland. With mobile data turned on, you can easily navigate to the popular spots in Disneyland. Otherwise, you can always use a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Disney Movie Insider

Disney Movie Insider is one of the best applications for those people who regularly visit movie theatres. With the help of this application. they can win several points upon every ticket purchase. The more tickets you purchase, the higher these points will be. You can redeem these points for exclusive giveaways from the company. These normally include movie tickets and discounts. 


FANDOM is one of the best applications for people who are really into games, TV shows, and movies. With the help of this application, you can stay up-to-date regarding any new movies or TV series from Disney. The app will also let you know if a popular Disney event is about to happen. With FANDOM, you can follow several entertainment companies all at once. Moreover, you can customize your feed based on your interests. This can include games and TV shows. Make sure to participate in fun polls and community forums. 

Disney Collect!

This application is a great way to trade Disney cards. It is similar to Pokemon card trading. However, the only difference is that you get to trade Disney characters instead of the cards. Customize your profile with different Disney avatars. You can show them off to your friends. You can participate in different types of missions to win unique collectibles. Then, you can either trade them or boast about upon. It is entirely up to you. However, the more unique the collectibles you have, the higher you will rise in your popularity. 

These are some of the best interactive, engaging, and fun applications that you can download on your phone to remain aware of upcoming Disney movies, TV shows, and events. These apps will also allow you to buy tickets to watch movies in a cinema or just go to Disney World. Undoubtedly, they will help to further improve your experience with Disney products. You can also connect more deeply with the movies and characters you love.


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