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Are pulse oximeters used in hospitals?

Both pulse rate and oxygen saturation are important parameters that provide treating physicians with information about the state of health of their patients. Pulse oximeters are not only important in the context of emergency medical interventions and in the work of emergency services.

Monitoring oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter is also important in the context of operations with anesthesia and mechanical ventilation. weber q2400 vs q1400 in the field of intensive care medicine as well as in neonatology, i.e. the premature infant ward, pulse oximeters are also used.

How do you find the pulse oximeter test winner?

Would you like to read the current test reports of Stiftung Warentest before buying? If you find out that there is currently no such pulse oximeter test, you can not only refer to the information on this page in the sense of a well-considered purchase decision. In addition, also refer to the reviews of the buyers in front of you. These can be found online with just a few mice clicks to the pulse oximeters of different brands.

Which parameters can be measured with the ViATOM pulse oximeter?

When you buy this pulse oximeter from ViATOM, you can monitor different parameters: oxygen value, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse strength. In the case of abnormal measured values, a warning signal sounds.

How does the PULOX PO-200 pulse oximeter work?

The Pulox PO-200 pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation, i.e. the SpO2 value, and the pulse by measuring directly on the finger.

Is a cable required to use the medisana PM 100 pulse oximeter?

No cable is required to use the medisana PM 100 pulse oximeter. The device runs battery-operated. Two batteries of the 1.5 V (AAA) version are sufficient for this, which are already included in the scope of delivery.

Which batteries are required for the Kernmed OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter A310?

The Kernmed OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter A310 can be operated with three AAA batteries. These are included in the scope of delivery.

Does the Beurer PO 80 pulse oximeter hold its finger well overnight?

If you buy this pulse oximeter from Beurer, you can also use it overnight without hesitation. It holds well on the finger without constricting.

What is the accuracy of the OMRON P300 Intelli IT finger pulse oximeter in people with circulatory disorders?

The OMRON P300 Intelli IT finger pulse oximeter has an amplifier that ensures that the device can provide an accurate result even in people with circulatory disorders.

How does the Beurer PO 40 pulse oximeter work?

The Beurer PO 40 pulse oximeter measures heart rate, perfusion index, and oxygen saturation in the blood. To do this, the finger is inserted into the device and waited for 15-20 seconds.

Which scores did the individual pulse oximeters receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal pulse oximeter test winner from the following list:

First place – good: PO 45 from Beurer – exemplary Internet price: 41 Euro

Second place – good: POD-2 from Wellue – exemplary Internet price: 21 Euro

Third place – good: PO-100 Solo by PULOX – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

Fourth place – good: PO 35 from Beurer – exemplary Internet price: 32 Euro

Fifth place – good: MightySat 9901-B from MASIMO – exemplary Internet price: 271 Euro

Sixth place – good: pulse oximeter from MOMMED – exemplary Internet price: 26 Euro

Seventh place – good: Pulse oximeter from ViATOM – exemplary Internet price: 30 Euro

Eighth place – good: P300 Intelli IT from Omron – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

Ninth place – very good: PO 40 from Beurer – exemplary Internet price: 39 Euro

Tenth place – very good: A310 from Kernmed – exemplary Internet price: 30 Euro

For the pulse oximeter comparison, only “very good” pulse oximeters and “good” pulse oximeters from 12 different manufacturers could be identified. In order to make it easier for you to choose despite the high quality of all pulse oximeters, the comparison also includes a comparison winner PO 45 from Beurer and the price-performance winner PO-200 from PULOX.

In the pulse oximeter comparison, the manufacturer Beurer has the most pulse oximeters in the product table with 4 out of 16 different products.

Among how many different manufacturers can the best pulse oximeter model be selected?

In the pulse oximeter comparison, we present a total of 16 pulse oximeters from 12 manufacturers, from which you can choose the best model for you.

Does the pulse oximeter comparison also contain cheaper and still good pulse oximeters?

Unless you want to spend 270.88 euros on the most expensive product from our comparison, you can also fall back on our price-performance winner PO-200 from PULOX or pay an average of 59.47 euros for a pulse oximeter from another manufacturer from our product table.

Which of the pulse oximeters can stand out due to a particularly high number of customer reviews?

Our editors weber q1400 specifications also looked at the number of customer reviews in the pulse oximeter comparison: The PO-200 received a total of 17203 reviews from PULOX.

Which pulse oximeters stand out by the grade “VERY GOOD”?

8 of the 16 pulse oximeters from our pulse oximeter comparison received the grade “VERY GOOD”: PO 80 from Beurer, PO-200 from PULOX, PM 100 from Medisana, 20040 from Grundig, SPO 25 from Sanitas, PO 40 from Beurer, A310 from Kernmed and Healthcare Pulsoximeter 1 from Braun

What similar items have consumers who added a pulse oximeter to their shopping cart looked at?

Before a pulse oximeter was purchased, customers often measured other oxygen saturation and examined oximeters.


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