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How precisely does the RENPHO digital bathroom scale measure weight?

Our personal scale comparison has shown that this model from RENPHO shows the weight in precise 50-gram increments. When entering, the scale also switches on automatically.

What material is the tread of the INSMART Bluetooth body fat scale made of?

Our bathroom scale comparison has shown that toilet fill valve types the surface of this model is made of robust tempered glass. The scale can be used for up to 180 kg.

What is the maximum allowable weight for the Huawei AH100 digital body fat scale?

The Huawei AH100 digital body fat scale has a maximum permissible weight of 150 kg. For an accurate measurement result, the maximum weight should not be exceeded.

What is the payload of the Beurer BF 400 passenger scale?

Compared to other passenger scales, this model from Beurer has a large payload of 200 kg. It is therefore also well suited for overweight people or athletes.

What grades did the individual bathroom scales receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal scale test winner from the following list:

First place – good: bathroom scale from YOUNGDO – exemplary Internet price: 36 Euro

Second place – good: digital bathroom scale from Grundig – exemplary Internet price: 17 Euro

Third place – good: Digital bathroom scale from Active Era – exemplary Internet price: 19 Euro

Fourth place – good: BS-03W from Active Era – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

Fifth place – good: Style Sense Compact 200 by Soehnle – exemplary Internet price: 16 Euro

Sixth place – good: Style Sense Bamboo Magic by Soehnle – exemplary Internet price: 38 Euro

Seventh place – good: BE 1618 from ADE – exemplary Internet price: 24 Euro

Eighth place – good: VT17036 by Vitafit – exemplary Internet price: 18 Euro

Ninth place – good: Sportstech BBS300 from Sportstech – exemplary Internet price: 45 Euro

Tenth place – good: SBG 21 from Sanitas – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

For the personal scale comparison, only “very good” bathroom scales and “good” bathroom scales from 18 different manufacturers could be clean shower wall panels in order to make it easier for you to choose despite the high quality of all bathroom scales, the comparison also includes a comparison winner personal scale from YOUNGDO and the price-performance winner Style Sense Safe 300 from Soehnle.

In the personal scale comparison, the manufacturer RENPHO provides the most personal scales in the product table with 6 out of 30 different products.

Among how many different manufacturers can the best bathroom scale model be selected?

In the personal scale comparison, we present a total of 30 bathroom scales from 18 manufacturers, from which you can choose the best model for you.

Does the bathroom scale comparison also include cheaper and still good bathroom scales?

If you do not want to spend 149.90 euros on the most expensive product from our comparison, you can also fall back on our price-performance winner Style Sense Safe 300 from Soehnle, or pay an average of 37.43 euros for a bathroom scale from another manufacturer from our product table.

Which of the bathroom scales can stand out due to a particularly high number of customer reviews?

Our editors also looked at the number of customer reviews in the personal scale comparison: The ES-CS20M received a total of 188907 ratings from RENPHO.

Which personal scales stand out in particular due to the grade “VERY GOOD”?

11 of the 30 personal scales in our bathroom scale comparison received the grade “VERY GOOD”: ES-CS20M by RENPHO, Style Sense Safe 300 by Soehnle, BF 400 by Beurer, Scale 3 by Huawei, Digital Bathroom Scale by RENPHO, Style Sense Compact 300 by Soehnle, Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by INSMART, AH100 by Huawei, Katharina by ADE, Body Fat Scale with App by Medisana and Colorata 760 by Seca

What similar items have consumers who have placed a bathroom scale in their shopping cart still looked at?

Before a bathroom scale was purchased, customers often examined other digital scales, body scales, and scales.


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