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Anonymously View Instagram Stories

At some point in our lives we all have wanted to peek into stories without being noticed? There could be a number of reasons to do so, like wanting to stalk an old friend or ex, wanting to know what your competitor is up to, watching a story of a family member without letting them know, or you might just be an introvert wishing to view the story of your crush anonymously. We understand all reasons and hence support you to view Instagram stories anonymously. Originally when you view Instagram stories it is not possible to get away without being enlisted in the viewers list, but when you use StoriesIG this is possible.   

What is StoriesIG?

StoriesIG is an external app that helps you view any Instagram story on the platform without being enlisted in the Instagram viewers list. This it does through its advanced API-Powered AI technology. It uses the username that you enter and fetches all the stories of this particular account. StoriesIG is the best Instagram story viewer that helps you view any Instagram story anonymously and even download them. StoriesIG app is completely legal as it involves viewing and downloading Instagram stories from a public account.

Features of StoriesIG:

  1.     View Instagram stories anonymously: StoriesIG uses API-Powered AI technology for extracting all the Instagram stories and making them available on the platform. While you view the Instagram stories on a third-party application there is no way you will be enlisted in the Instagram viewers list.
  2.     Download Instagram stories: StoriesIG not just solves your problem to view stories anonymously but also helps download them. you can make unlimited story downloads on the app and save any Instagram story directly to your gallery to view offline anytime.
  3.     Use StoriesIG  on any platform: StoriesIG works on multiple platforms and all browsers. You can download the StoriesIG app from play store and App store for your android or iOS device respectively or access the software from the official website of StoriesIG.
  4.     No registration or subscription fee required: The best part about StoriesIG is that you do not need to provide any personal information or login details. You can use the app directly without registering or logging in. The app works free of cost as well.
  5.     View highlights from any account anonymously: StoriesIG also helps you view highlights of Instagram accounts and even download them. You can easily view and download any Instagram highlight from any public account,

How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Step 1: Download and launch StoriesIG app or launch the software from the official website of StoriesIG.

Step 2: Feed the username of the person whose Instagram stories you wish to watch anonymously and press ok.

Step 3: StoriesIG fetches you all stories posted by this user. Tap on any story to play it. Now you can view any Instagram story anonymously.

Step 4: Tap on the download button over the story and the Instagram story will be saved to your gallery instantly.

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