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Accessory for hair that is fun and stylish.

This season, try something new with celebrity-approved hair accessories.

Summer is here, regardless of whether you have been locked down all year or worked too hard to notice the year go by.

We understand that you may not always have the time or energy to fix your hair, frizzies, or beach hair. So we’ve compiled a simple collection of styles that we love.

These easy celeb-approved looks will elevate your game this season.

Are you feeling cute? You will feel even more cute with snap clips

Snap clips aren’t just for children anymore. So don’t be afraid to show off your favorite accessories. Celebs such as Ariana Grande have made snap clips all the rage again. Her classic look would not be complete without one or two snap clips!

These clips are cute and can be worn with the right outfit if they’re placed strategically. These clips can be used to replace your boring bobby pins and add a level of flair that you didn’t realize was possible. Even more, you can make your outfit pop by using matching pastel snap clip.

Ariana only uses one or two snap clip for her look. But you don’t have to be shy. You can stack your clips to make something new every day if you love them as much we do. Mix and match bobbypin slides with barrette clip or snapclip.

They are suitable for all hair types and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The more the merrier!

Are you looking forward to an active day? The Scrunchies won’t move an inch

We’re happy to announce that the Scrunchies are back for a while and won’t be leaving this season!

Look no further if you want to elevate your activewear. Hailey is ready to take action. Her scrunchie and hair aren’t going anywhere.

Even more exciting is the fact that you can wear a scrunchie throughout the week. For a professional look, wear black scrunchies or slate grey ones over a tight, high ponytail. Grab your bright and patterned colors from your stash on the weekend.

You don’t have to give up the scrunchie craze if you feel boho this summer. Scrunchies with tails – a classic style from the past – are making a comeback. They can be worn with loose ponytails or as a decoration for a half-updo.

These timeless classics are a must-have in any stockpile. View our entire range of scrunchies.

Are you short on time? The claw clip is your best friend.

You can brush your hair with a hairbrush, then give it a straightening (if you are able to be bothered), and finally, put it all in a claw clip. It’s not only effortless, it is effortless!

Addison Rae is a modern, practical woman who looks effortlessly chic. Her functional aesthetic is enhanced by a little messy.

Are you planning for a long, tiring day? Fly-aways will look more intentional with the claw clip, which leaves little room for error. The claw clip will allow you to feel the cool summer breeze, something we all have been missing.

You can make this style your own by adding different sizes and colours of claw clips to it. We love the Leopard No Slip Grip and Cascading Jawclip, which adds volume to your hair.

It’s time to take in the summer breeze. You will be stylish and cool with headwraps.

These looks and outfits will set the tone for summer’s festival and beach season. The head wrap pulls hair back creating a classic, sweet look that keeps everything right where it belongs.

You can adjust the length of your headwraps to match your hairstyle and outfit. A simple white dress will allow you to show off your accessories. If your outfit is more complex, a plain white or white turban wrap will still work.

This versatile accessory can come in handy when hair days turn bad. It’s easy to change your hairstyle and conceal sweaty summer hair while looking light and flowy.

You want to be noticed? Get your bling on!

It’s getting warmer so shine your hat! Hair accessories are all about bling this season. Add some sparkle to your favorite celeb look.

Barbara Palvin makes her outfit stand out with shiny gold accessories. You don’t have to walk on any carpets to make heads turn.

No matter if you are planning a night out or a day at sea, our shiny pin slides and metallic barrette clip, or glamorous scrunchies will help you stand out from others.

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