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The Basic Personal Hygiene Habits Every Woman Should Know

Personal hygiene is a sensitive topic among women. Being healthy and disease-free comes with great benefits. For instance, it makes you feel comfortable and ready to go with your day. But this starts with knowing and implementing women’s correct basic personal hygiene habits.

But then, not every woman out there knows these personal hygiene habits. That’s why this post takes an in-depth look at the various basic personal hygiene habits every woman should have. It will help to read to the end to know what you can do to maintain proper personal hygiene.

Here are some things you should do to ensure good health.

 Basic Personal Hygiene Habits For Women

  1. Proper Genital Cleansing

One of the essential things you must do is clean your genitals properly. Female genitals have natural discharges and oils. Although the vagina cleans itself, you must also clean it occasionally. But then, many women make mistakes when cleaning their genitals.

It is not advisable, for instance, to excessively wash your vagina. As said before, the female body produces natural discharges. This ensures that it maintains the vagina’s acidity to prevent microbial growth. This helps prevent yeast infections and other diseases like herpes.

Women should also avoid washing their vaginas using soap. In addition, it is not good to use strong deodorants to prevent bad odor. This can strip off the protective barrier that helps keep your body disease-free. You should wash your vagina with clean and lukewarm water.

  1. Menstrual Care

As a woman, you understand how uncomfortable it gets during menstruation. Your genitals might feel awkwardly wet, and a bad odor could accompany this. It is good to stay on top of your hygiene game during your periods. It’ll ensure good health and also make you comfortable.

So, what should you do during your periods? Well, it is advisable not to deviate from the right way of cleaning your genitals. Many women get tempted to touch during their periods. The reality is that douching can be risky as it might move bacteria into your reproductive tract.

Always ensure you stick to clean, lukewarm water. Be gentle when cleaning and ensure you don’t insert anything into your vagina. The body will clean itself in areas you cannot reach. 

Also, ensure you use the right pads or tampons to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. Or you might have a bad odor, or your genitals could be itchy. It is recommended to choose a good vaginal itching relief that is made of natural ingredients that  could help you get better in a few days.

  1. Regular Medical Checkups

You could also be wondering how often you should be visiting the gyno. Medical checkups are a part of the personal hygiene habits you should adopt. Many women wait to be unwell before they go for a checkup. But then it is advisable to do it regularly to ensure you’re always healthy.

It is advisable to also go for a checkup anytime you feel discomfort. The failure to get checked early will expose you to various risks. For instance, your situation could worsen to a yeast infection or genital herpes. Although there’s a herpes cure and yeast infection treatment, you’ll go through so much pain and discomfort.

  1. Genital Odor Care

Everyone has their unique natural scent. Women, in particular, are sensitive to scent and always want a great smell. The natural odor that comes from your body is usually healthy and expected. And this smell doesn’t go away even if you cover it up with perfumes.

As a woman, you shouldn’t always mask this natural smell. Otherwise, you might miss a change of smell that could signify an infection. Sometimes, allow your body to have a natural smell to notice changes, especially in the smell coming out of your genitals.

A fishy smell could be a sign of an infection. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you might feel a different kind of smell even on your underwear. Any smell that feels unnatural should be a source of concern. It would be best if you didn’t mask it off with perfumes but rather visit a gyno.

  1. Wearing Proper Clothing

As mentioned earlier, the vagina produces a lot of natural secretions. It is advisable to ensure these secretions evaporate to ensure good vaginal health. But this might not happen if you wear clothing that doesn’t allow good airflow into your genitals to control the wetness in your vagina.

This is why you should be careful with the clothing you buy and wear. It is always advisable to wear clothing made from cotton. This is because they’re breathable and will leave your genitals fresh all the time. Also, they do not irritate, which could be a source of infections.

Besides choosing and wearing the right clothing, cleaning them is critical. You should change your underwear regularly, wash them and air them in the sun. This will help reduce the bacteria buildup that’s the primary cause of yeast infections.

  1. Proper Diet

You cannot overlook diet when speaking about basic personal hygiene. We are what we eat, so you must be careful of what you consume. Some food can affect your feminine hygiene and make you susceptible to various infections affecting your genitals.

Junk and fried foods are top on the list of foods to avoid. They might be sweet, but their damage to your body isn’t worth it. For instance, they are the major cause of smelly vaginal discharges. Also, they can alter your vaginal pH and expose you to various infections.

Basic Personal Hygiene Is Critical For Every Woman

Those are personal hygiene habits that every woman needs to know. Besides the usual hygiene practices, women must pay special attention to their feminine health. Poor hygiene might expose a woman to vaginal yeast infection, herpes, and many other diseases.

It’s always a good idea to prevent these infections before they happen. Otherwise, they could make you uncomfortable and affect productivity at work. Thankfully, you now have the insights you need about personal hygiene. Ensure you integrate them into your daily hygiene routine.

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