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7 Incredible Benefits of Sunless Tanning

If you are worried about the harmful effects of exposing your skin to UV rays, then go sunless. Tanning is possible without exposing yourselves to the sun or even the tanning bed thanks to tanning products and sprays. 

Reputable tanning salons offer an array of options to people looking forward to getting a tan. You can choose to step inside a tanning bed or use a tanning product. For some people with highly sensitive skin, a tanning product can be a better option than a tanning bed. 

Benefits of sunless tanning 

  1. You save your skin from the risks associated with tanning under the rays of the sun. 
  2. A spray tan can beautifully conceal your skin imperfections, giving your skin a flawless appearance. Scars, stretch marks, acne scars, pigmented spots, blemishes, varicose veins, freckles, and uneven skin tone – all become less prominently visible. 
  3. Sunless tanning is like makeup for the whole body. So you hardly require any makeup, especially not that concealer for the first few days. As the tan begins to fade, you may require a bit of makeup, but still not much. 
  4. Many prestigious salons, especially those in and around East Boca Raton, provide spray tanning products made of organic ingredients that are safe for the skin. 
  5. Can you believe this? A spray tan can make you appear slimmer! Many people who got a nice sunless tan received compliments about losing weight! Just like makeup shapes up your features, spray tan, especially the airbrush one contours and tones the body curves, giving you a slimming effect. 
  6. You gain more confidence. Of course, with those compliments pouring in and your skin achieving a toned and flawless look, your self-esteem soars. 
  7. No fear of the dreaded orange look! Sunless tans turn you into the ultimate golden goddess. 

So, if you desire a tan but without the sun, search for “sunless tanning near me.” We would suggest getting associated only with the top professionals in the tanning industry for the best results. 

Care to take before tanning 

  • Shave or wax your skin 24 hours before tanning to let your skin heal. 
  • Also exfoliate skin 12 or 24 hours before tanning to remove the dead cell layer, lest the tan will stick to the dead layer and get sloughed off faster. Also, skin that is not exfoliated catches an uneven tan due to dead skin cells present on the surface. 
  • Avoid moisturizing your skin on the scheduled tanning day. Let your skin be as it is. 
  • No makeup and deodorant, please. 
  • Wear loose-fitting, dark-colored clothes and not your favorite ones, lest they may stain. 


If you are in Coral Springs, you need not drive all the way to Boca to get a tan. You can easily find a tanning salon in Coral Springs. Isn’t this wonderful?

So, what’s stopping you from getting a tan? 

Prep your skin today and contact the best salon to schedule a tanning appointment. Time to be naughty and flaunt a little color. 

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