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6 In-demand TikTok Trends for 2022

A few weeks ago, we talked about the 6 most beloved TikToks. What are the most popular TikTok trends?

Many people follow and post to TikTok. There are many video themes, background music, and challenges that explode on TikTok. These themes become the TikTok trend and can be used for many weeks, if not months until they get tired.

Which TikTok trends will people be most interested in by 2022? There are so many options, we won’t cover them all. We will however highlight the most popular TikToks.

Zoom Meeting Mishaps

Zoom has been an integral part of many people’s lives over the past two years. Zoom makes it easy to work remotely and study. There have been many instances where people forgot their cameras and microphones, fell asleep, were caught unawares, or found themselves in awkward situations. These are all common incidents for TikTok users who love to share them. One of the most popular ones is posted by @thiswellplannedlife, where she doesn’t know her camera is on and keeps making exasperated hand gestures for the other person to hurry up and wrap it up:

Another is the Zoom meeting prank that you can pull off on your coworkers or classmates.

Funny stories are the ones where people don’t realize they have a camera. This teacher was dressed in his worst and said some naughty things to his partner, not realizing that he was being watched and listened to by his students. This was a huge hit with TikTok users.

Hot images or not?

Hot Or Not Composite Images are a popular trend on Tik Tok. This trend is very popular, and all Tik Tok users can create their own TikTok hot or not composite images.

Tik Tok’s trend photo of the Attractive Face Score. It’s used to determine the person’s attractiveness and personality. Images range in size from 0-10

Tik Tok’s viral trend awards ratings to anyone with a rating that is different from the others. Pierre Tourigny created the Attractive Face Scale. The Attractive Face Scale was designed by Pierre Tourigny, a Canadian statistician/photographer.

Your love life is…

@jamiejukesuk began this trend by sharing a video where he discusses the challenges of dating in your 30s to “It’s The Hard Knock Life”. He acts like each of these issues are putting him to the floor.

Many women feel the same issues as their male counterparts in their 20s. This contrasts with men who tend to settle down more in their 30s.

The song and the trend were created to highlight other difficulties in life beyond dating. Allison Rochell shows, for instance, how difficult it can be to marry an NFL player.

@myteacherface shows the pressure society puts on women who don’t want to have children.

Video: Rent-Free Living in Your Own Head

Popular TikToker Jess Marciante posed the question: “What is the video that lives in your head rent-free?” at the end 2020. These hilarious responses were hilarious.

Sometimes, it’s the most beautiful and emotional songs that last forever in our heads. Vincint Cannady’s version of “Creep” by Radiohead was one such song.

Tell me, but don’t tell me

TikTok users are asked to show others what they have done. You can tell someone that you are stupid but not tell them. Instead, share an example of what you did and a story about how it happened.

This trend is very popular on TikTok and doesn’t seem to be related to any specific topic.

Mama said it was okay

This is TikTokers’ favorite Lukas Graham song, “Mama Said”. This encourages people to be open-minded and think for themselves, and not judge others for not fitting into society’s standards and expectations. It’s okay if your mama says it’s okay. This is the essence of it. This trend is something that I absolutely love and agree with.

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