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How to Pack Glassware and Mugs for a Safe Move

There are some things which we need to handle with dire delicacy. Glassware and Mugs are included in those items. Keeping our kitchen accessories in good condition increases our level of happiness. That time is really very worrisome when we have to move our kitchen. These accessories are fragile and we do not even need a single scratch on any single item.

Protective packing is the best solution to avoid any kind of damage. You can use a medium-sized box for packing glassware and mugs because with a larger box the chance of collusion will increase. Further, you can hire the services of Furniture Movers in Cherry Hill NJ for saving moving and packing solutions.

Accessories for Packing

            First of all, wrap mugs and glassware in some soft material. That could be a clean towel, packing paper, or newspaper. Using bubble wrap would be more protective but it will be a bit expensive and it is not environmentally friendly. Many people use old newspapers for wrapping but health experts recommend washing before using them.

Place One by One

            Do not put all mugs at one in your packing box. It can cause damage to mugs. Use proper space for them and place a piece of Polystyrene sheet among them. If this task seems difficult or you do not have time to do all these tasks. Then, you can hire Furniture Movers in Cherry Hill NJ who are experts in moving goods with care.

Arrange According to Size

After starting placing things in the box make sure you are placing bigger and heavier mugs first. In this way, bigger items will come at the bottom. Those mugs which have a bigger size will have the capability to carry the weight of others of smaller sizes that have less weight. Properly use the corners of the box. Fill it in a way that there remains no place among mugs and there remains no space for them to roll.

Keep Identical Glassware Together

It’s fun buying a pair of Mugs. Sometimes we buy a set that has six mugs and all have the same shape, size, and looks. If any one of those gets a scratch, damage, or missing then that means all set will ruin. The best solution here is to place all identical mugs together. We have already minimized the chances of damage by wrapping in a good manner. So that we do not lose any of the pieces from them.

Make Use of Scissors

            Give a fine shape to boxes by making use of scissors. It may happen that you do not find newspapers in proper shape for packing. Cut in by using scissors rather than tearing those. In this way, you will get the accurate size and shape of the newspaper for packing. Your packing will appear attractive and good-looking. This is one of the basic advantages of cutting the newspapers by using scissors.

Wrap Glasses with the technique

            There will not be enough space in the box that you place all glasses separately without nesting. You will need to place one glass inside another one. It seems risky because scratches can occur due to friction. To avoid the side effects of the friction, use packing paper between them. You can even make a pile of four glasses. Create piles according to the weight and size of mugs. After this use bubble bags for wrapping to add extra protection to your mugs.

Better to Use Box with Dividers

             Sometimes mugs slip into boxes if they are not placed in a proper way. Using boxes with dividers for pacing mugs could be the best solution to this problem. Dividers will add extra protection to mugs and chances of jostling will reduce especially at the time when mugs move from one place to another.

Place Glassware and Mugs in Separate Box

            Do not place glassware and mugs in one box. Use different boxes because you will not find any kind of difficulty while you will open boxes. Secondly, the chances of damage increase for glassware when those are placed along with Mugs. This additional little effort will save your Mugs and Glassware from damage.

Seal Box Properly

            Once you have ensured the safe and secure packing of your Mugs and Glassware then seal the box. Use tape in abundance, as much as you require. Apply plastic for wrapping the box. This should be applied in a way that the chances of shaking mugs inside the box reduce to zero. If you feel movement inside then add more amount of paper inside the box. There should not remain any kind of extra space in the box.

Label the Box with “Extra Care”

            Glassware and Mugs are sensitive and sometimes movers do not pay much attention to the boxes. Bring it to their knowledge that your box requires extra care. If you label your box with “extra care” by writing on it with a red marker then they will deal with your box with more caution. The professional movers always show care for the belongings of their customers. This step is still necessary to bring in their knowledge that your item is fragile.

All those glassware and mugs in which you like to have your drink and feel an asset of your house. All those should move safely even if you are moving them from one country to another. It is about affection and love for your belongings. The professional movers always understand this attachment with your favorite things in your kitchen.

You can hire the best Furniture Movers in Cherry Hill NJ and tell them to fulfill all these above-mentioned tasks if you do not perform all these tasks of your own. Not even a single crack should occur on your mugs and glassware which you have been collecting for years. Place safety on the first condition while you hire a company for moving your kitchen items. Fulfill your purpose and have complete satisfaction without any kind of worry by hiring quality services.

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