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Window Tint Percentages: What Are They And How To Choose?

According to a popular belief, window tinting is not only for privacy, it can actually protect passengers in your car from harmful UV rays of sun. Also, blacked out windows provide your car with a sleek appearance, expressing your distinct style. However, before you get your car window tints, contact us at Car Specialist Customs as we suggest what types of tint to choose.

Understand Window Tint Percentage

Window tint is measured in VLT percentage. Hence, if a window has a tint of 20%, it means that only 20% of light may pass through the film into your vehicle, while a 100% tint means that all the light would pass through the film. Also, lower the percentage, darker the tint. For instance, a 5% tint can be pretty dark as it enables almost no light to pass through. It offers privacy and safety against harmful UV rays. But, with a dark front window tint, you are sacrificing visibility, the main reason why local laws exist for tinted windows. Opting for an 80% tint would enable better visibility, you would lose an amount of UV safety and privacy. Hence, the best tint percentage falls in the middle.

How to Choose Ideal Tint Percentage?

The right window tint percentage does not hinder your vision, yet offers adequate safety against harmful UV rays. Hence, a 35% tint is the right choice for car tinting, as it can meet all needs. It is the best balance between protection, privacy, and visibility. In case you don’t like dark windows, you can still get good results with a 50% tint.

A Window Tint of 50% or More

At around 50% tint, you will get clear visibility. However, typically, a 50% tint can be the highest percentage tint recommended by Car Specialist Customs. Anything more than that can cause a significant loss in UV protection. Several vehicle owners opt for a tint between 65% and 75%. You get almost no protection with this tint percentage, and it is better not to get a tint with such a high percentage.

Window Tint Percentage Under 30

Anything under 30% is jet black, which means anyone can hardly see inside your car. Also, to complete privacy, you also get better safety from the sun and lessened glare from external light, not to mention the sleek appearance of the car. Anything under 30% will lessen visibility though.

Regulations Regarding Window Tinting

Before you go for front window tint, make sure to check your local regulations and laws regarding window tinting to see in case there are certain window tinting restrictions or requirements. Distracted driving is one of the significant causes of accidents around the world. While your initial thought of distracted driving can be mobile phones, authorities cite tinted windows as one of the major causes of accidents because tinted windows can limit your view of surroundings. Hence, failure to comply with local regulations can cause problems. Contact Car Specialist Customs for more details on car window tinting!

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