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Why Are Reddit Comments Deleted?

Reddit is a social news aggregation and discussion platform. Users post links and text posts that can then be upvoted or downvoted; posts with the highest upvotes appear at the front page.

Reddit comments and threads deleted due to Google cacheing are still visible as Google stores web pages in their cached version.

Deleted by a mod

If you have ever posted something to Reddit that was removed by mods, you have likely seen that when this happens a message saying: “Sorry, this post was deleted for various reasons”. This message indicates that removal occurred either due to Automoderator or human mods and serves to inform readers why their post or comment was deleted from Reddit in order to maintain safety, civility, and true to purpose of Reddit community.

Reddit doesn’t work like you might expect when it comes to deleting content; posts and comments remain publicly accessible if deleted due to third-party services’ archives and also appear in user histories.

Reddit operates with a rolling versioned database for posts and comments, so when something is deleted it simply updates the versioned database; similarly if someone gets banned their username will be updated with “ban” while their post or comment remains unaffected by this action.

Deleted by a bot

Reddit comments could be deleted for several reasons. First is karma; some subreddits don’t allow bots at all while others require minimum levels of karma to post; also some subreddits have rules against comment spam; if your comments contain excessive spam they will likely be deleted. Finally it is essential to know if your bot is responding automatically or responding only when triggered – the latter constitutes spam and could quickly lead to banishment; also ensure it only comments in subreddits you invited explicitly before commenting or else risk permanent banishment!

Deleted by a user

Once deleted by a user, their comment no longer appears on posts or in comments sections – rather, it shows as [deleted]. This indicates they have blocked their account from accessing the website.

Users often delete posts on Reddit when they become contentious or contain sensitive personal data in order to maintain an enjoyable and respectful community experience.

But this doesn’t mean the content has been permanently lost – you may still be able to access it through web archives like Wayback Machine and tools that enable you to see deleted posts on Reddit.

Services have existed that allow users to see deleted Reddit posts and comments, such as Unddit, Rar Eddit and Reveddit. Up until recently, these tools relied on Pushshift’s API but unfortunately this service has since been discontinued by Pushshift; therefore these tools may no longer be accessible – for now however it would be wiser to utilize Wayback Machine instead.

Deleted by a subreddit

Frustrating it is to discover that a thread you were reading had been deleted, especially one with numerous upvotes. Luckily, Reddit offers numerous tools to help dig through its data to resurrect previously-deleted posts – the Wayback Machine and Google Cache being two such resources which archive web pages before their deletion occurs.

Reddit users can use this tool to search for deleted posts by inputting either their post link or username into it. Once on this website, an archived version of their post will be displayed along with their comment history if available.

Pushshift Archive, a social media data collection and tracking platform, has been collecting Reddit data since 2015. Users can access archived content by inputting subreddit name and post URL; date range options allow for viewing older archived versions of the post.

Reddit users are currently confused over an unexplained sequence of numbers which have appeared on deleted comments, the number being 2139553663 and prompting speculation as to its source. Some believe it might be mobile device glitches or some sort of error on Reddit itself.

What is this number?

Reddit users have expressed confusion regarding a sequence of digits that has suddenly appeared as delete comments are deleted, possibly as part of a bug in its code. Some have speculated it might even be real phone number; others, however, pointed out it doesn’t correspond with any known numbers or area codes and doesn’t even appear on mobile versions of Reddit.

Why is it showing up on deleted comments?

There’s been much confusion and consternation among Stack Overflow users regarding an apparent sequence of numbers that appears when comments are deleted, leading to extensive discussions surrounding its significance and possible reasons behind its presence. At present, only diamond moderators can see deleted comments (though this likely a system limitation rather than design decision). So why does this number appear when deleted comments are being deleted – is this some kind of bug or another reason altogether?

Is it a scam?

This mysterious number 2131953663 has led to widespread speculation among users, with some suggesting it could be some type of code or cipher to decipher, while others speculate it may simply be a Reddit glitch or automated message about deleted comments. One user even speculates it may have something to do with adult comics as it resembles barcode-like identification numbers.

Other theories speculate that the number is due to an issue in Reddit’s software and suggest that users check deleted comments on different devices/platforms to see whether they show up differently. No matter its cause, reddit users are sure to remain intrigued with its mystery!


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