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Why are Car Rental Businesses Thriving in Dubai?

You must all have heard a lot about tourism in Dubai and the amazing places that are present there and attracting people all over the world to visit this luxurious Emirate. From Burj Khalifa to Burj al Arab, there are plenty of monuments, amazing places and adventurous activities that make Dubai a perfect tourist destination. However, apart from being a tourist hub, Dubai also is one of the most opportunistic cities in this world. It is a paradise for young investors and entrepreneurs.

Needless to say, all the people who are visiting Dubai need some sort of travel choices since not all of them can buy a car right after landing here. And this is where the services of car rental agencies come into the picture.

One of the most growing businesses in Dubai is rental cars. There are plenty of car rental companies in Dubai creating high competition in the market. But still, it’s a profitable business in this Emirate. Most of the visitors tend to rent a car in Dubai to explore its beauty while driving a luxury car. This is the key reason for the car rental business in Dubai. However, the main concern is why the car rental business in Dubai is growing so rapidly. You also need to know why it’s beneficial despite a lot of competition. Let’s explore the reasons for the thriving car rental business in Dubai.

High Tourism Rate

The biggest reason behind the rise of the Dubai car rental business is high tourism. Every year more than 15 million people visit this amazing Emirate. Not all of them prefer to use public transport. They need a car to explore every inch of this attractive land with their family. Therefore, most of them prefer to rent a car in Dubai. Therefore, almost every rental company in Dubai that has developed a good image will earn good profits.

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Changed Priorities

In 2020, when Coronavirus hit every area of this world huge losses resulted in many businesses. The same happens with the Dubai car rental business as the number of tourists was very low due to travel restrictions to stop the spread of Coronavirus. However, the results after the pandemic have revolutionized the car rental business. It has changed the priorities of people. People who once preferred to use public transport now want to travel in their personal vehicle.

People are trying to avoid crowded places. Therefore the demand for rental cars is now very high, especially in Dubai. As a result, the car rental business is growing at a rapid rate. If you earn the trust of your clients, you can take your business to new heights of success and glory within a few years. 

People’s Love Towards Cars

Every year the visitors and residents of Dubai rent a lot of cars. The reason behind this fact is that people love to drive their cars.

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Though many people have their own cars, they still have a crush on some luxury cars that they cannot afford. Therefore, they prefer to go for  luxury car rentals of their choice during their tour to Dubai and get a chance to drive their favorite car. Car enthusiasts try different cars by renting them in Dubai. Therefore, Dubai has a very well-settled car rental business.


Driving a luxury car has now become a trend in Dubai. However, not everyone can buy a luxury car. To go with trends, people love to rent a car in Dubai from a trusted company like One Click Drive and enjoy their time. This factor keeps the business going when there is a low number of tourists. Our yacht rental Dubai company offers state of the art amenities. Select one of your taste from our extensive fleet of luxury yachts.

Suitable Conditions

The conditions are very suitable in Dubai to start a car rental business. Taxes are very low and the process of starting a business is also simple. You can easily get a business license and verify your company’s name to start a rental business in Dubai.

Bottom Line

No more wonder about why car rental businesses are thriving in Dubai as now you know the reasons behind it. Willing to invest your money, a car rental business in Dubai could be the best place for you to startup.


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