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Which Is the Best Instagram stories viewer in 2022

One of Instagram’s most popular features is the ability to share photos and videos as stories that run for 24 hrs. A user submits his story and is instantly privy to those who all have seen it. Now, there are a number of legitimate reasons why one would want to see another user’s story but ensure their presence isn’t known to that particular user.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to become completely anonymous while checking Instagram stories or even gaining access to a private profile for that matter. Online solutions broadly titled Instagram Story Viewers can help you surf Instagram and the various user profiles it harbors in absolute incognito mode.

1. Picuki

Picuki is the website by using which you can view and edit other users Instagram profiles. This is very safe and secure application as it will not keep track record of your activities and even won’t track your friends too. By using picuki you can browse a profile’s, Instagram stories, hashtags and competition. 

If you are ever required to check the most popular people on Instagram then by making use of Picuki app you can easily do that. This website will never ever save other people personal information whether it would be their photos or videos. You cannot steal other people content by making use of this app. You can learn more about Picuki at NewsUpTimes This app is best suited for those who want to post photos and videos of themselves.

2. Ingramer

When you consider all the other tools on this list, Ingramer distinguishes itself as a different beast altogether. It is a social media marketing tool that allows businesses to harness Instagram’s giant user base to get traction for their products and services.

As a typical Instagram Story Viewer, it can help you download photos and videos from Instagram. This content can be further repurposed for marketing or entertainment purposes. Its account viewing features are designed to gain information on clients, competitors, and influencers on the platform.

3. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is an extremely powerful Instagram Story viewer and mass downloader of everything shared on the social media platform. It facilitates the download of almost everything one posts on Instagram. This includes stories, photos, and videos. Moreover, it can do so from both public and private Instagram accounts.

Qoob Stories only require you to enter a username you want to access and instantly empowers you with the ability to watch their stories anonymously. You can also easily download videos and photos in high quality with metadata from Instagram accounts.

4. SmiHub

The first thing that blows you away about SmiHub is its immaculate interface. It is clean, clutter-free, and helps users get straight to business. It greets you with a text box that asks you to insert a username straight away.

Upon feeding the online service with a username, the tool works to immediately provide you with access to that particular account. From here on, you can anonymously view stories, search for whatever you wish, and download content with just a few clicks.

The tool also allows you to analyze a particular account with regards to its likes, comments, and follower base.To increase Followers likes comments of instagram account you should use Igtools

5. Instalkr

Instalkr provides an online service quite unlike any other. The service can be used to instantly gain access to a public Instagram account without having an account yourself. With the help of Instalkr, you can anonymously browse an Instagram account, and view their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without getting noticed.

The tool will even go as far as showing you stories or posts that have been deleted by the account. Furthermore, you can not only view stories but also download videos and photos from any Instagram account you desire.


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