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Which are recommended helmet brands?

The last motorcycle helmet test of Stiftung Warentest took place in 2004. Although the safety standards of helmets have constantly evolved in recent years, Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Brands the testing institute comes to the same conclusion as we do: Full-face helmets and flip-up helmets have their noses clearly ahead of open face helmets in direct comparison.

So if you’re looking for a safe crash helmet, grab a helmet with a chin guard.

In the motorcycle helmet test, integral and flip-up helmets were emphasized above all with regard to accident safety. For example, the institute declared models by Lazer, Schuberth, Caberg, and AGV to be motorcycle helmet test winners in this category.

This Test has not yet been carried out in a specific motorcycle helmet test, but noted in a bicycle helmet test that the inner pads of such protective equipment elements are often mixed with plasticizers and harmful dyes. In case of doubt, ask the manufacturer or check the documents of the helmet for any harmful substance information.

In 2013, the ADAC named the Nolan N86 Classic full-face helmet the motorcycle helmet test winner. However, safe and high-quality motorcycle helmets can also be found at the following manufacturers:

AGVS Airoh Arai Arrow ATO BMW Broken Head Caberg

Other well-known and popular biker suppliers of open face helmets, classic motorcycle helmets, and flip-up helmets are Schuberth, Shoei, and A-Pro. X-Lite also offers particularly high-quality carbon motorcycle helmets, as well as Shark, AGV, and HJC. The X-Lite series contains various motorcycle helmet types, such as full-face helmets and flip-up helmets, but also off-road helmets and crossover helmets.

The most important questions and answers about motorcycle helmets

In the following, the most important questions and answers about motorcycle helmets are answered for you on the comparison portal.

How often should I buy a new helmet?

You should definitely get a new helmet after an accident. Even if the helmet has not suffered any visible damage, small cracks may have formed, which significantly affect safety.

But even without accidents, you should replace your motorcycle helmet every 5 years, because normal environmental influences damage the material and less stable.

How should I clean my helmet?

Caution should be exercised when cleaning your helmet, otherwise, it could be damaged. First of all, you need to disassemble it completely to allow for thorough cleaning.

You should clean the visor with gentle soapy water and a soft cloth (e.B. a microfiber cloth). Under no circumstances should you hold the visor under running water.

You should also proceed similarly when cleaning the helmet shell. If dirt cannot be removed with a cloth and soapy water, you can wrap the helmet in a damp cloth. After 30 minutes, the dirt should have come loose simply wipe it off. best electric stakeboards the use of aggressive solvents or scratching with a hard sponge or even the fingernail is to be avoided in any case.

Not to forget the cleaning of the ventilation, because here insects could have caught themselves and hinder the fresh air supply during the journey. In addition to cleaning with lukewarm water and a soft cloth, treatment with talcum powder is recommended, because this maintains the seal and counteracts the brittleness of the rubber.

Last but not least, before assembling the helmet, you should make sure that it is completely dried so that no moisture catches in the helmet. Also when storing the helmet, you should always have the visor open for this reason.

Is it possible to wash the lining in the washing machine?

With newer models, washing the inner lining in the washing machine is often possible. However, a gentle wash should be chosen. For models where the separate washing of the inner lining is not possible, we recommend first vacuuming the inner lining and then carefully cleaning it with a regular shampoo.

In order not to have to wash the lining constantly, it is recommended to wear a storm mask under the helmet.


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