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WhatsApp GB Download APK For Android 2024 Latest v17.60

WhatsApp GB Download commonly referred to as GBWhatsApp, is a customized variant of the wildly popular messaging program, WhatsApp. This alternate version, created by independent developers, has drawn notice for its wealth of extra features and improved personalization choices, making it a compelling option for consumers looking for a more customized and feature-rich messaging experience.

What is WhatsApp GB?

A modified version of the original WhatsApp app is known as GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp GB. Third-party developers, not WhatsApp Inc., which is now a part of Meta Platforms, Inc., are responsible for its development. It provides further functionality and customization choices not found in WhatsApp’s basic edition. Additionally, using two WhatsApp accounts on a same smartphone is made possible by GBWhatsApp. Those who need distinct accounts for personal and business communication or who manage various phone lines may find this function extremely helpful. The restrictions pertaining to media sharing on the official WhatsApp platform are likewise addressed by the GBWhatsApp APK. Users are able to send media and larger files, circumventing the limitations set by the official application. Those who regularly share multimedia content, such HD photos and films, would especially benefit from this.

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Features of GB WhatsApp

Easily submit Status Video: 
By dividing the video in half, the official WhatsApp version allows you to submit a maximum of 30 seconds of video. You are no longer need to divide a 7-minute video into portions in this updated edition. Simply email more than ninety photographs and upload it straight.

Automatically Respond to Messages: 
If you would like to employ automatic messaging, this version is quite beneficial. The message can be sent at the time and date you have chosen. The message will be sent at the time you have chosen with this updated version. Those who use WhatsApp for business will find great value in this edition.

Not prohibit: 
Since this is the safest method to utilize this on your smartphone, the various websites won’t prohibit this. You can use it on your device with ease, so you don’t need to worry.

Updates Made using Own:
To update this version, you don’t need to visit a different website. It updates automatically as soon as you connect to the internet. You can also obtain additional dependable features when this edition is updated on a regular basis.

A wide range of font designs and sizes with various color options are available. It implies that you can choose the font color that best suits your taste and appearance. Select your favorite hue and add extra flair to your altered version. 

Easy Media Sharing: 
You can only send audio files up to 20 MB in size using the official WhatsApp app. You are allowed to send an infinite number of voice media files. Media files up to 300 MB in size can be sent. You have the ability to send video files up to 1 GB in size with this fantastic enhanced version.

Extra privacy settings: 
There are a lot more privacy settings available in this revised version. You can choose to hide your status from other users if you’d like. When needed, conceal delivery reports along with the white and blue ticks.

Send Large Files: 
Sending large files is one of the disadvantages of using WhatsApp quickly. Do you need to send a friend a picture, song, or movie, but WhatsApp won’t let you send anything bigger than 16MB? GBThe most recent version of WhatsApp eliminates this restriction so you can send anything you want.


GB WhatsApp APK offers a compelling alternative for clients searching out greater functions and greater personalization options for their messaging enjoy. WhatsApp GB differs from the original WhatsApp app in that it offers better privacy options similarly to the opportunity to personalize this system’s look thru quite a few topics. Users can enjoy the extra comfort of sharing large media documents collectively with a extra custom designed and personal verbal exchange environment. GB WhatsApp has a whole lot of hazards although it gives greater features and personalization alternatives that should improve the user enjoy. Important things to keep in mind encompass the absence of reputable support, possible security flaws, and the opportunity of breaking WhatsApp’s phrases of service. Users have to proceed with caution and balance those risks against the advantages.

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