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What Types of Piano Services Should You Seek?

If you own a piano and are thinking of getting to repair piano , getting it tuned, or re-stringed, you’ll want to know which services you should seek. This article will cover tuning, regulation, re-stringing, and post-sale service. The services that a piano technician can provide are vast and may not be necessary for your instrument. However, if you have an important event coming up and you need your piano to be in the best possible condition, you should consider piano services.


When you are looking for a local company that offers tuning piano services in Brooklyn NY, be sure to ask how often they tune. Professionals will tune your piano four to six times a year, while more fussy owners may want it tuned more frequently. However, you may want to schedule a regular tune-up if you are not a big fan of the sound of your instrument. A professional will be able to give you an accurate estimate based on the type of service you need and the condition of your piano.

A tune-up usually includes an evaluation of the sound of a piano, as well as an assessment of the piano’s tuning stability. The piano is tuned according to its temperament, which is a set of 13 notes at the center of the keyboard that have tempered relationships with one another. A piano tuner will be able to determine how well the piano is tuned based on its temperament, and then copy this tuning into the rest of the keyboard.


For performance purposes, pianos services in Brooklyn NY should be acquired. The amount of time it takes to perform this service depends on the make and age of the piano, the level of use, and its relative quality. High-quality instruments may need regular regulation, but lower-quality models will need only periodic touch-ups or complete regulation every few years. The amount of time required to perform regulation on a piano is highly dependent on the age and condition of its parts, so you may have to pay for more than one regulation.

Besides tuning the piano, regulation requires adjusting the action of the hammers. When the action is faulty, the maximum amount of power is not transferred to the keys. The result is early note release and double-striking notes. This decreases the piano’s performance. Before seeking regulation, you should make other repairs, including action repair, before attempting to play with the piano. It’s important to note that many pianos require a full tune-up every five years.


Restringing a piano is a good idea every few decades or so. Over time, piano strings can break or become toneless. The point when it’s time to replace them depends on the type of piano, how it’s used, and whether or not the strings have been installed properly. Here are some things to consider before hiring a professional. The piano should be at least 30 years old to qualify. A piano technician should be able to repair piano for a minimal fee.

Restringing a piano requires a few passes in order to properly remove old string knots. A typical piano holds over 30,000 pounds of pressure in the strings, so the technician must work quickly. In addition to tuning the piano, he or she must mute the new string to gain stability. The cost of this service can be high, though, since the technician needs to use a variety of tools. You should also expect the cost to be at least $1000. Hence piano services in Brooklyn NY are beneficial.

Post-Sale service

A piano can be a great asset, but it’s easy to overlook the Post-Sale service recommended by a reputable dealer. If this service is not performed, the piano can have issues that could prolong its break-in period and cause its tuning to become unstable. Here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening. Read on to learn more about how to ensure the repair piano service for you.

The first piano customer he ever assisted was in 1970. Since then, he has helped hundreds of customers with their piano needs. From first time buyers to concert pianists, he has a wide range of knowledge and experience that will make the experience both pleasant and productive. He has extensive experience in the field of piano service, and his professional knowledge and expertise will make the process a breeze. Whether you’re buying a piano for yourself or consigning one, Malia will help you find the perfect instrument for your budget and needs.

Choosing a tuner

Choosing a piano tuner is a process that requires some research on your part. You should research the materials and resources that your chosen tuner uses to make repairs and tune your piano. You should also check out the customer service experience of your chosen piano tuner. You should make sure that they are reliable and offer high quality service. Listed below are some tips to help you choose a piano tuner. Read on to find out how to choose the best piano services in Brooklyn NY

Find out if the piano tuner you are considering is active on social media. If he has an active presence on LinkedIn, this is the most convenient way to see his or her work history. Social media profiles allow you to communicate directly with the piano services tuner and read their latest posts. Check out whether they are active on Facebook and Twitter, which make it easier to gauge their level of engagement. Linkedin also provides a great way to read a piano tuner’s CV.

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