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What makes the Epoxy Resin table the first choice for every house?

If you want an original, non-standard option, look out for an unusual piece of furniture like an epoxy resin table. Such products are always masterpieces that grab the attention of guests. The editors of the site have compiled for you an overview of the most interesting design techniques and detailed instructions for your own production.

Epoxy manufactures exclusive, custom-designed products

Epoxy resin is a chemically complex multi-component product that has been used relatively recently for decorative purposes. The benefits of the round resin table have caught the attention of furniture manufacturers:

  • high strength and resistance to deformation and ultraviolet radiation, no chips, and cracks during operation;
  • raw material costs are quite cheap;
  • the surface is resistant to the harmful effects of moisture;
  • easy care;
  • a wide range of processing and charging options;
  • visual expansion of the space due to the glossy surface.


Epoxy resins are used in pure form in the furniture industry because the magical properties of epoxy are manifested as a result of contact with a special starch. By changing the ratio of these two connected parts, you can get a composition with a different consistency.

The manufacturing process of furniture decorated with epoxy resin involves coating the wood base with this polymer and carefully polishing the product after the resin has hardened to obtain a product with high abrasion resistance. The general properties of the whole preparation depend on the correct proportions of the ingredients. Inadequate amounts of starch can significantly reduce the strength of the finished product as well as its resistance to environmental influences and household products.

Manufacturing process

In order to cast epoxy resin on wood, the first and most critical step is to carefully clean the surface of the wood of any dust and other pollutants. The resin table in Winnipeg, which will be cast, will then need to have its surface primed. Instead of forming air bubbles as it is absorbed, resin into porous wood will result in an unattractive product.

The needed amount of epoxy resin and starch combination is made only after the preparation step has been completed. The most essential thing to remember at this point is to stick to the recommended dosage. In certain cases, colors or other ornamental elements might be added to the final combination. Following the preparation of the prepared wood surface, apply the resultant mixture.

Before casting, any additional materials used to create a pattern should be placed on the tabletop. The surface should be prepped before applying lightweight materials such as ribs or shells. In order to avoid a disorganized and boring structure, it is imperative that they remain hidden during the pouring process. You may use a hair dryer to eliminate air bubbles that form during the casting process by aiming the hot air stream directly at the issue location.

Only once all the resin has hardened can the final stage, grinding, take place. It is recommended that the product be applied for a week, after which time it will be ready for usage.

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