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What is the major difference between regular and feminized seeds?

Before you plan to buy normal seeds, you must go through this article to understand the major difference between the regular and the feminized seeds. 

Difference between regular and feminized seeds

The regular and feminized types of seeds have their significance in terms of their unique qualities.

Key points:

  • Regular seeds are the result of pollination, while feminized seeds do not require sex or pollination.
  • Seeds of feminized cannabis don’t have male chromosomes. On the other hand, seeds of regular cannabis have all the components of genetics.
  • The feminized seeds are the result of elite clones. However, regular seeds have poor genetics.
  • No chemical is used in regular types of seeds. In comparison, feminized seeds are produced inorganically by using chemicals.

Whenever you see regular seeds and feminized seeds, it isn’t easy to differentiate them. However, there are certain differences in their origin, sexuality, and purpose to grow.


When the process of pollination takes place between the male pollen grain and the female stigma; as a result, regular seeds are produced. Ripe pollen sacs release male pollen grains when the wind is blown and contact the female flower’s stigma for sex or pollination. This process happens hundreds or thousands of times to produce more and more regular seeds.

On the other hand, feminized seeds are the result of cloning by breeders as they don’t have male chromosomes so that they can pollinate. They are inorganically produced. They are not found in plants naturally.


A regular cannabis seed may be male (XY) or female (XX); however, the feminized seeds have solely female chromosomes (XX). 

The feminized seeds can only produce female cannabis plants; that is why they are called feminized seeds, whereas regular seeds can produce both male and female cannabis plants.


Feminized seeds are high-yielding seeds, and you may aim to produce plenty of containers full of feminized flowers if you grow feminized seeds.

However, if you wish to produce mother plants, you can opt for regular seeds to take cuttings since the regular plants contain both male and female characteristics.


Through feminized seeds, there is very little chance that you will grow male cannabis plants which may be only one male out of thousands of seeds. So, breeding is almost impossible as you are working with an unstable type of genetics.

However, breeding in regular types of seeds will be very easy since the seeds have an organic proportion of male and female plants. So, you can grow male and female together as there is a high chance of pollination between them, and hence, you can easily grow tons of cannabis seeds ready to grow.

To Sum Up

The regular seeds are not genetically modified as they are natural but, feminized seeds are modified at the genetic level. Feminized seeds are more expensive than the regular seeds because it needs more effort and is guaranteed to produce more smokable buds. That is why they have high demand. 

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