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What Is Punishment For Drinking & Driving In Dubai?

When it comes to drinking and driving under the influence in Safe Driver Dubai, there are strict laws. That does not imply, indeed, that in Dubai you do not drink liquor or alcohol. The only thing that remains is the liquor laws that apply to both locals and visitors in Dubai.

Penalties For Alcohol Violations

In Dubai, driving under the influence or intoxication is a crime. This is because your vision, balance, and driving skills are impaired by drugs. Based on the following circumstances, how intoxicated or heavy you are is being analyzed:

  • How much have you drunk
  • The amount of food consumed before drinking
  • How long you have been drinking
  • Body weight
  • Gender

Drink & Drive Law 

Dubai Traffic Laws relating to driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or some other drug and sanctions are the subject of this article.

The legal law governing traffic and controlling vehicles is amended in compliance with Federal Legislation No. 21 of 1995 ‘On Traffic,’ as revised. The fines for traffic offenses and practices associated with them are also defined in this legislation. 

While under the influence of alcohol or narcotic medications or other harmful chemicals, the driver of any vehicle should not drive. This is regardless of whether it is lawful or unlawful to drink alcohol or drugs.

Do not drive and drink. This policy is based on road safety principles when driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic medications. It is suspected that the vehicle is unable to adequately handle the car and there is a high risk of a car crash.

With regards to Dubai legal law, there is zero tolerance for drunk driving. “Pursuant to Article No. 10.6 of the Traffic Law,” the driver of any car shall refrain from driving while under the influence of wine, alcohol, narcotics or any other drug.

Punishment For Drinking & Driving 

Imprisonment and a minimum fine of AED 20,000 is the penalty for any driver caught drinking and driving. Article No. 49.6 of the Traffic Law stipulates this. The punishment is subjected to the fact that while drunk, the driving and attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drug and equivalent. According to Article No. 59.3 of the Law on driving under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic drug and such, the driver may also be arrested. Additional penalties involve enactment of derivative measures by the court. They include;

  • Driver’s license suspension for a period of not less than three months and not longer than two years. After a suspended license is long past after the expiry date, the driver is still restrained from receiving a new license in the future.
  • Punishment of anyone found drunk or intoxicated without an alcohol permit includes: – Imprisonment for a six-month period or a fine of AED 5,000 or both. This is according to the 1972 UAE Alcohol Law.
  • A copy of the judgment is necessary if the lawbreaker has been sentenced by the court and a judgment that has been passed. This is intended to validate punishment, but as per the rule, the word will surpass the outlined penalty at no cost.

The results of drunk driving are not positive and account for 14 percent of the annual fatal traffic accidents that occur. The number of drunk drivers has steadily risen over the decade, and the number may escalate with the holiday season around the corner. You are one of the very worried people who are worried about their friends and family who drink and drive, if you are reading this!

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