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What Fans Need to Know About Triggered Insaan Real Name?

Triggered Insaan is a viral Indian Youtuber known for his YouTube baking videos. He also manages a YouTube channel where he uploads exciting and funny videos. Triggered Insaan’s real name is Nishai Malhan. He is also an Indian Youtuber and actor. He mainly shares his clothes and fashion videos on his own Instagram account.

Biography of Triggered Insaan:

Triggered Insaan is a famous Indian YouTuber, Gamer, CS Engineer, Web Developer, Streamer, and Professional Reeler and his real name is Nischay Malhan. Nischay is also known as Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan on online and social media. Moreover, Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insan, is on the list of top 50 YouTubers in India. Malhan uploads baked, funny and exciting videos to his main channel, Triggered Insaan. It has 15 million subscribers, and his second channel, Live Insaan, has 8.43 million subscribers. Here he uploads video games and live broadcasts of many plays.

Early Childhood and Educational Details of Triggered Insaan:

Nischay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan, was born and raised in Delhi, India. Nischay completed his education at a private school in Delhi. He is the best in his class. After passing the 10th grade, Nishay became depressed due to his physical strength. In addition, over the next 2 years, Nishai Malkhan is prone to depression which his classmates take over.

After graduation, he went to IIT (International Institute of Information Technology), where he completed his engineering degree. He joined YouTube on 17 July 2014 (Thursday) but uploaded his first video on 25 June 2017 (Sun), the video got a lot of views, and the video brought him a lot of fame. However, he then uploaded many videos to his YouTube channel, and everything went viral today; Nischay has built a huge YouTube channel with 15 million subscribers only.

Family Details of Triggered Insaan:

He was born on 14 November 1995 in Delhi, India. Nischay belongs to a Hindu family and is 26 years old today in 2022. He is of Indian nationality. Moreover, Triggered Insaan Real Name is Nischay Malhan, and people call him Triggered Insaan. He is a Hindu by religion, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance:

Triggered Insaan looks very beautiful and hot. Moreover, he also has a very fantastic hairstyle. He has a lot of followers on social media. Nischay Malhan (Triggered Insaan) has more than 3.5 million followers on his Instagram account. In addition, 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Triggered Insaan has a strong body and is 175 cm tall. He weighed about 70 kg (154 pounds) to illustrate his physical form further. Nischay is always fit and very sane in the head. In addition, the bust measures 39 inches, the waist is approximately 32 inches, and the biceps are 12 inches. He has a nice haircut and black hair and black eyes.

Career Details of Triggered Insaan:

After completing his engineering degree, Nishay started working at YouTube. After a while, Nischay got fed up with Joe and quit his job. Nishay then started shooting short videos at his parents’ house. Nishay hides this from his parents. Nischay told his parents that Nischay was going to get a job. In addition, when the Triggered Insaan video went viral, Nischay told his parents that Nischay wanted to become a YouTuber.

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Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan, originally named his channel Yes Yes Bhai. Nischay later named his channel Nischay, and Moussa named his channel Triggered Insaan for the third time. Today is one of India’s top YouTubers with two channels, Insaan Triggered (15 million subscribers) and Insaan Live (8.43 million subscribers). Together with his brothers, he continues to upload many exciting videos. In 2021 he was featured in BB Ki Vines’ Dhindora Song.

Social Media Account Details of Triggered Insaan:

If you are a big fan of Triggered Insaan and want to learn more, you can follow him on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, you will get the latest photos, videos, and updates about it on social media platforms.

  • Triggered Insaan at Instagram-@triggeredinsaan at YouTube-Triggered Insaan
  • Triggered Insaan at Twitter –@TriggeredInsaan at Facebook-@TriggeredInsaan

Triggered Insaan Girlfriend, Wife, and Family Details:

Triggered Insaan is unmarried; his father’s name is Vinay Malkhan, and his mother’s name is Dimple Malkhan. His sister’s name is Prerna Malkhan, and his brother’s name is Abhishek Malhan.

Net Worth of Triggered Insaan:

Triggered Insaan makes a lot of money. Currently, in 2022 his net worth is $3.8 million, and his primary source of income is YouTube & Acting. If you are interested to know more about Triggered Insaan net worth of more, you can visit sites like Past News.

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