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What does a Good POS System do for your repair business?

When starting a repair store, establishing the business is the primary focus of any owner. 

Let’s say your business has reached some 50 repair tickets per month. That is a good number to start with because you’ll be having to manually sort all the invoicing and ticketing, then calculating the total revenues, the tax reports, the payroll of your employees and most importantly, inventory management.

What’s a POS System & What makes it Great?

A POS system is basically a software solution to all the manual labor work we’ve mentioned earlier. Basically, it is a combination of software and hardware to facilitate your day-to-day and overall business operations.

These repair center software consists of a basic hardware module to run a specified software. The hardware requirements can be either a computer, a physical terminal, a scanner, a printer, and any other devices utilized to run the point-of-sale software.

Additionally, these point of sale softwares track and organize all the information your repair store has to offer.

Apart from automating your operations, which is a huge operational hurdle, there are various other benefits of a POS system. First and foremost, your computer repair shop POS software makes it much easier to manage several aspects of the retail business.

The software system can significantly simplify your routine tasks and can even be utilized to generate additional revenue.

Now that we’ve understood what a great POS system is, let’s go over the breakdown of operational benefits it can bring to your repair business.

There are numerous advantages to integrate your shop with a POS system. Here are the most important beneficial reasons to have a computer repair shop POS software in your store. 

The benefits are as follows: 

  • Efficient Inventory Management

A repair center softwares makes it very easy for you to keep track of the stocks you have in your inventory. It enables you to manage your inventory levels in real-time and which items require restocking.

You can also analyze which of your items are best-selling and which are rarely sold in a given period of time. 

Another benefit of using a POS software for inventory management is that you don’t have to manually keep track of the inventory levels, the software does this for you.

And everytime you have to restock your inventory, if a product already exists in your catalog, you can simply scan your items. 

Some inventory management softwares allow you to restock your inventory in a serialized manner, while others also offer un-serialized stocking. This means that you have full control over your inventory, without having to go through manually updating the inventory levels.

This time saving approach, as compared to manual inventory tracking, also reduces the chances of errors.

Everytime you generate a sales invoice or a repair ticket, the items your customer wants are automatically subtracted from your ongoing inventory levels. Therefore, making it possible to keep track of the ‘real quantity’ of each item/product your repair store has in stock.

  • Invoicing & Ticketing

Your computer repair shop POS software automatically tracks and saves all your invoices. You can easily understand which of your services are generating profits and which are facing losses.

You can also find the number of sales you’ve generated in a month, all with the click of a button.

Contrary to manual entries in spreadsheets or cumbersome paperwork, you can create several categories of invoices for better management, and easier to distinguish their profitability.

These can include the total purchases, sales, repairs, refurbishments, accessories, and other items on display in your store.

Invoice management enables you to stay aware of your accounting operations, meaning you have proof of sale of a product or service your store offers.

Furthermore, the invoices contain crucial information for buyers like total payable amount and its breakdown, the number of items in a transaction, and the tax breakdowns. 

Performing these aforementioned steps manually will surely take you a lot of time. Therefore, integrating a repair center software with your shop enables you to take advantage of the automation a pos software offers.

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  • Faster Payment & Checkout Process 

A POS system helps reduce the queuing and makes the checkout process faster. 

If you’ve already created a ticket, your employee can select it and generate an invoice. A few clicks and you’re done.

While if you have a walk-in customer, who’s going for an upfront payment, your POS system can generate an invoice instantaneously. Thus, improving your customer experience.

You can also get reviews and can display offer ads and discount clubbing options if your POS system also has a customer facing display.

Moreover, a self-checkout process can also be useful in cases where customers are buying off-the-shelf products, like accessories.

Enabling this will reduce the workload of your employees, meaning more productive office hours. 

Once your POS system has generated an invoice, you can send it to the customer via email or can print it on the spot with a receipt printer.

Depending on the integrations you’ve done with your POS system, you can cater your customers with cash, credit or debit card payments.

This makes the customer’s checkout process very quick and easy to complete. 

Generally, having a point of sale system reduces the waiting time for consumers, and your employees can efficiently complete the transactions. 

Customer Satisfaction to Loyalty Programs

Having a POS system ensures that you can easily take your customers to a loyalty program. But first, let’s highlight how the system can increase the satisfaction of your customers.

The POS system allows you to track each customer when running targeted promotional campaigns. Make sure to have a complete customer information database, which will allow you to deeply understand your customers’ needs. 

You can make better business decisions when you know requiremental needs of your customers.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, a better customer experience can generate better footfall and overall consumer retention. 

A POS system can automatically create customer segmentation. These can be based upon buying habits, spending limitations, clubbing of different parts and services, or a generic breakdown via their past orders.

Better customer satisfaction includes a fast POS system to timely complete the repair jobs, inform your customers on the progress of these repair tasks, and whenever they come in after repair completion, the payment process is fast as well.

In short, customers do not like to wait unnecessarily, and a fast payment process is an excellent advantage to quickly expedite their requests.

With a higher customer satisfaction rate, you can ensure their loyalty towards your store.

Take advantage of this for your business by keeping your current footfall happy than running after new customers. By having a loyal consumer base, you can ensure a monthly baseline of revenue and reduce the risk of losing money.

Employee Management

Always stay ahead of your repair tasks and the progress of your employees. A POS system empowers you with full control over the tasks your employees are parked with.

Set deadlines for repair tasks and evaluate the performance of your employees. 

Moreover, a POS system lets you stay updated with your employees. You can check their login and log-off timings, the number of tasks they’ve completed, how many are remaining and the time taken to complete each one.

This helps you in calculating the end-of-the-month payroll of each employee. 

Another step you must take is training your employees on how to use the POS system. It is important so your employees can quickly expedite requests and offer a better customer experience.

Better Service

A POS system allows your repair store to perform better with all the combining benefits mentioned in this article.

In general, a POS system helps you improve your operations to manage your business and customers.

This includes reduced waiting time, faster invoicing and quicker payments. With these operational improvements, your customers get better service and will return to you for their next purchases.


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