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9 Reasons to Use LogWork Time Tracker with Screen Monitoring

We are part of the same economic world! Therefore, time is equally valuable to businesses. Companies use time tracking software to manage their clients and resources, especially if their staff works remotely. However, the scale of screen monitoring factors company scale, team size, and billing regulations. Here is what LogWork offers: 

Remote employees 

  • Modern dashboard 

LogWork offers an innovative dashboard that helps remote employees monitor their hours worked. The time tracker module system keeps an extensive record of the hours put in by remote employees. The employer can study the hours worked today, yesterday, this week, or even the previous month. As a result, they can regulate overtime too. 

  • Multi-perspective reporting 

LogWork will help employers assess work performance through five reports. These are Project, Client, Employee, Description, and Timesheet Reports. These reports are not complicated and are very easy to understand. LogWork successfully generates documents that do not need manual addition or editing. Thus, simplifying the entire process. 

  • Performance rating 

LogWork closely monitors work performed by remote employees. It monitors their time-management and managerial skills. As a result, the employer can time-track and assess their performance. In addition, LogWork will also show the remote employee’s initiative in daily tasks to assist the business. They can make future decisions such as promotions and bonuses based on insight provided by LogWork. 

free time tracker with screenshot monitoring


  • Simple to use 

A Time Tracker tool is also crucial for teams’ success. LogWork carefully monitors the time spent on projects through screen monitoring. It will help assess the team’s weaknesses, so appropriate guidance may be provided. LogWork time tracking feature is credible and very straightforward so try it out today! 

  • Improves results 

Screen monitoring also helps boosts activity in team sciences. Assuming becoming productive when time tracking is not involved! It is simply not possible. LogWork uses the most modernized time tracker feature, so the team is ahead of its goals. The objectives are realistic and manageable, which further motivates the team members. 

  • Reliability 

Managing a project and working in a team requires timely accuracy. Without the concept, teams cannot account for the completed and remaining work. LogWork keeps an extensive register of time allotment. Furthermore, it prevents manual calculations and entries, which may result in human errors. As a result, the conclusions are accurate all the time. 


  • Billable hours 

When working freelance, clients are unaware of how much time is spent on their projects. LogWork maintains a detailed record of the billable hours. It helps the clients assess how much they are paying for the services. LogWork also factors idle hours for an accurate conclusion. 

  • Tasks flowchart 

Screen monitoring is a helpful feature that constantly improves productivity. Using LogWork, the freelancer can account for micro-tasks within the project. This can include editing, revision, or other sub-services in the primary niche. The feature ensures the deadlines are met. 

  • Future projects 

LogWork also helps the client through its time tracker and screen monitoring. The clients can now safely analyze the cost of the future project by factoring in time and performance. They can hire freelancers who complete projects within average time and subsequently reward their efficiency. 

LogWork is mobile-friendly time tracking software 

A time tracker software is becoming more useful with every passing day. Therefore, we insist you try LogWork—an intuitive screen monitoring platform that adds value to your services. Furthermore, its mobile version will result in optimized results. Contact LogWork by submitting a query or reach out to our help centre.

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