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Unique things to do in Kralendijk

Do you love boating, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing? You will get everything here in Kralendijk, Bonaire. It is a popular spot for adventurous outdoor activities. Whether you like water adventure, want to see history and culture or go on a solo trip, this place is the perfect destination.

You can visit United book a flight page to get your booking done online to explore the culture and soak in the natural living environment of Kralendijk. Here we list some of the unique things to do after booking My Flights United to Kralendijk. It will be a memorable journey for you.

Bonaire National Marine Park

If you want more places to visit, then this place is for countless shore diving and boat moorings. Here you will go through the desert, rocky coast, different varieties of cacti, coral reefs, and fish to hike. It is popularly known as a divers’ paradise, a certified Blue Destination of the world. Moreover, you can also enjoy night diving and sleep in the lap of the sea.

Eden Beach

It’s Kralendijk’s most popular and busiest beach. It features a white sand beach and is a one-of-a-kind Kralendijk attraction. If you are hungry, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Eden Beach is a one-stop-shop with plenty of beach loungers and palm trees.

Lac Bay

Another white sand beach complemented with sparkling turquoise waters. Windsurfing is a popular activity you should try here, whether you are a beginner or a pro. In addition, you can go snorkeling and kayaking in Lac Bay. You can always consider booking United airlines tickets to explore these places. 

Dive deep in Bari Reef

Witness the incredible variety of marine animals and aquatic life. From scorpionfish, butterflyfish, and anemone shrimp to tarpon, and fireworms, you can find them here. Just step off the dock, and after swimming, you will get a reef. An incredible site for diving and underwater photography near Kralendijk.

Visit The cultural park Mangazina di Rei 

One of the unique things you can do in Kralendijk is visit the oldest stone building (2nd) to feel and know the culture of Bonaire. It is worth spending a few hours here and soaking in the local environment that you never want to miss. History-wise, it is the place to store provisions for enslaved people used by the Dutch government and now forms a cultural park.

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Cave tour

Do not miss the adventurous tour of more than 400 caves. You will surely need a local guide’s help to get into those caves. All the caves are breathtaking examples of natural beauty. Moreover, the environment inside the cave is hot, refreshing and simply amazing. Equipped with shoes and a swimsuit before entering the cave. 

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Shop at Bonaire Art and Craft market

If you are done with adventurous activities and want to shop for unique things and bring them back to your home, this place is for you. You will get locally handmade items reflecting the art and culture of Bonaire.

How to reach Bonaire?

You can reach Bonaire by air by taking United Airlines tickets. You can take a car or bike ride and have fun while exploring the places for local tours. Before you book United ticket, make sure you surf plenty of information on must-do things in Kralendijk. So, whether you are planning for a long day tour or a short period visit, United my Trips will make your dreams a reality by providing affordable ranges on United book a flight booking.

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