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Understand the concept of userpilot

The use of technology is very important for every person these days. you cannot even survive a single day without the use of technology. Many experts are in the process of designing different platforms that can be very efficient in managing the business work. In today’s time, the is of mobile apps and websites is quite important. Without them, maintaining existence in the market can become a little challenging.

Nowadays you will easily find many people relying on the Userpilot which is a digital adoption platform that helps in contextualizing content in-app without doing any sort of technical coding in it. the main purpose of this DAP is to create an effective onboarding and various activation sequence that will provide great contextual support. Different few adoption features are introduced in this DAP for better results for all the users. With the help of this, the product managers can have a better track of the behaviors analytics and see how much users are engaging with their products.

The price of the userpilot depends upon the multi-tiered pricing model i.e. the transaction plant, growth plan, and the enterprise plan. You can get the plan according to your requirement. Some people like to get to know more about userpilot vs walkme. But as the technology is improving a lot of alternatives are coming up in the market that is worth giving the shot.

Userpilot has a lot of limitations when it comes to its working. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Not mobile-friendly: Userpilot is not having the capability to get into the mobile phones for its usage. If you are a person that wants a mobile-friendly adoption solution, so Userpilot might not fit into your requirement of work.
  • Employee digital adoption use- cases: If the person wants to use Userpilot, it will only work in the main system and no other third party will be involved in it. if you are looking for a product that is more inclined towards adoption, retention, and onboarding. Then you need to look for other DAP apart from Userpilot. This DAP doesn’t have a lot of features that are quite necessary for today’s time.
  • Doesn’t provide content customization: Nowadays it is very important to look for a DAP that can provide great customization features. Userpilot only has some of the basic content customizations which might not be very overwhelming to the users.
  • Lack of support in transaction-level plan: Userpilot provides dedicated customer support from the growth plan onwards. If you have purchased the transaction plan and you get into some trouble. There will be only limited support provided to the users.

So it is better to invest in a good DAP which has advanced features in it. one of the best alternatives to Userpilot is Whatfix as it provides the best app experience to all the users. Even it has been named as a Leader in G2’s DAP category for 4 consecutive years and 16 straight reports. The userpilot only provides the support to the product manager but the working platform of Whatfix has expanded a lot. Whatfix helps in providing the best create an in-app experience for all the end-users of the system.

Here are many benefits to install Whatfix over Userpilot. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Easy installation: The best part about Whatfix is that it can be easily installed whereas Userpilot and walkme require some technical knowledge to get installed. Whatfix is simply adding a browser extension and you are good to start using it.
  • Provides automated content creation: Whatfix provides the facility to create some walk-throughs. This way the users can easily generate multiple formats, videos, and slideshows with utmost customization.
  • Contextualized guidance: Whatfix is providing some of the self-help articles and walk-throughs on their website. The user can depend upon them to know their location within the application.

If the person uses Whatfix, it provides a better, customizable, and scalable solution which will be great for the users. Among many alternatives in the market, Whatfix is one of the leading solutions that stands out so firmly in the market. The use of this DAP has provided a lot of boost to the employee productivity and also helped in increasing ROI.

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