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Search Twitter Like James Bond  

Search Twitter Like James Bond  

You’re more than James Bond than(Buy Facebook Followers UK) you think. You’re sophisticated and daring. In the end, you’re working with cutting-edge media!

Digital marketers today have more security clearances to the social media accounts of their company than the CEO and have an eye for excitement and intrigue.

You can also access the top tools, including Twitter Search, to look up Twitter as James Bond!

“What did you think of to find, an explosive pen?” (Q in Skyfall)

What Is the Twitter Search Tool?

If James Bond were a social media strategist, Q definitely would have created Aston Martin. Aston Martin to be Twitter search-enabled.

Twitter is my preferred platform for the latest news, interacting with real people from all over the world and tracking the latest trends or topics. It’s lightning-fast, and its search capabilities ensure that you find precisely what you’re seeking.

You may be using your Twitter search box using specific hashtags or words the search box offers more once you are aware of the right place to search.

You can access the search feature when you click Advanced search. You can find it under Search filters on the upper right side of your results page.

Twitter search filters are search filters.

This is the picture you’ll see:

Advanced search on Twitter

If you want to keep the way you hold your Twitter sophisticated (shaken, not stirred), look at a deeper review of the options through the Advanced Twitter Search and what they can offer you.

Twitter Word Search Features

Let’s begin by looking at ways you can search with different words.

By using the advanced search feature, you can narrow the results of your search by using any combination of fields below:

Tweets that contain all words appearing in any position “Twitter” and “search.” When you type in a phrase such as “James Bond Shaken Not Stirred,” you’ll see everything written about movie characters, books, and characters. You can filter your search by “Top” to see the most well-known or “Latest” for the most current.

 For instance, “Shaken, Not Stirred” will identify the exact phrase every time it is utilized. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s related to James Bond. It’s simply how people on the Twitter tweet! If your company is difficult to spell and you’re unsure how to spell it, look up misspellings with this feature.

Twitter search

 “Twitter” (or “search”)will search for Tweets that include all of these words like “James or Bond.” You can consist of any comments you want to be explored within inverted commas and let Twitter work its magic.

Tweets that exclude specific terms (“Twitter” and it’s not “search”) The tool is fantastic for removing unneeded outcomes from your searches. This can be used when you search for the items you’d like to look up for, e.g., James Bond but not Sean Connery. (Sorry, Sean, it’s to be used for demonstration purposes only!)

 For instance, #ShakenButNotStirred would show only tweets with this hashtag. This is particularly useful for searching for hashtags with a branded tag to promote your campaigns.

Tweets in a particular language can be an effective search filter if your business is internationally recognized or has campaigned in French.  If you’re working in English and cannot translate tweets, you can add English to the selected filter.

Twitter Search Tip: You may utilize one, two, or all of these filters when searching for tweets. Like the targeting method, the more filters you apply, the more specific the results you get.

The Advanced Twitter search feature has several basic filters already checked for you. This includes the display of all tweets with replies and tweets that are original and with hyperlinks.

You can alter the options based on the search preferences you have. If you want only to locate original tweets, you can opt out of the Replies completely. “James Bond” without replies are all official accounts. This provides more clarity and is ideal if you only want a brand or official information or news.

Twitter Search Tip: You may select to show links or none. If you’re searching for a brand campaign or monitoring the sentiment of an established brand, eliminating links will help you avoid spam and help you save time.

More Filters

Image or Video

In some cases, the thing you’re looking for is an image video. Enter your keyword, phrase, or hashtag in the search field, and hit return. When the results are displayed, click “photos” or “videos” to block tweets with only text.

take over your social media inbox using the agora pulse header image

In the photo below are the results of this 1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (for you who are fans of”Spectre,” the James Bond film “Spectre”).

Note: click here

“Top” vs. “Latest”

When you look up a topic, the default settings for results are likely to display “top” tweets. You’ll only see tweets with the highest engagement, and the results will not necessarily indicate the most recent tweets. Click “latest” to view all the tweets that have been posted recently matching your search.

Filtering by people

If you’re trying to find someone or an account, click “People,” then Twitter will show versions with the word “people” as their user name. This usually gives you only the channels that are officially authorized.

People you follow

This lets you check tweets from everyone or only those you follow. If you’re a brand, it’s likely to be enabled to use this “anyone” option. If you’re an individual user, you may prefer viewing a content part of your selected following group.

Tweets close to you

This is an excellent filter for brands present in a specific geographical location. Maybe you’d like to find out what the people of Time Square are saying about Pizza so that you can be part of the discussion with the pizza shop in your area.

Filter by Accounts, You Secret Agent

James Bond wasn’t interested in monitoring every person within the metropolis. He was only interested in spying on specific individuals.

In removing the noise, you will find the Twitter search results you genuinely need and narrow down the exact location you want to target!

Take a look at these excellent features on Twitter Advanced Search:

 That’s a real Twitter handle, and I’m amazed.

Tweets that reply to a particular account/ Tweets that refer to a specific account. This is a great way to monitor your company’s activities, such as contests or campaigns. You can also use this filter to cut through the noise and track real concerns or inquiries about your brand.

Twitter search tip: Keep in mind that you can use Agorapulse to monitor your Twitter search results. Agorapulse dashboard to track keywords and accounts on Twitter. You can create rules, set replies, and templates for answers!

If you’re managing multiple accounts as we do with Contentworks, you’ll need a high-quality, multi-channel, professional dashboard. In other words, you’ll need to log in to each Twitter account in a separate way, and that’s not exactly James Bond at all.

Search by Date

It’s not like James Bond about trawling through outdated tweets that are irrelevant until you discover the information you’re seeking there?

It isn’t enjoyable. If you’re running an annual contest, it is only necessary to know the results from this month. The hashtag for your recurring contest could appear identical, and filtering that hashtag will result in every game you have ever participated in.

Luckily the advanced search options on Twitter let you filter by date. Use the calendar dropdown to choose a “from” date or “to” date. This will remove the need to view old tweets.

Now that you know where to locate the tools let’s look at some of the benefits of using these tools.

Here’s the reason we utilize Twitter Search for our agency clients.

Find conversations. If there’s a significant storm in your neighborhood and you manage an organization for property repairs. You could use search to hear conversations, evaluate damage effects, and then offer your services either for free or with a discount.

Find out about competitors. Make sure you are James Bond with a bit of spying! Search is a great tool to track their conversations with keywords, replies, and engagements. It is also possible to monitor conversations between customers and competitors.

Find news and articles that you wouldn’t otherwise find by setting precise filtering on Twitter. This allows you to cut through the hordes of information to find what you’re looking for. It also provides trustworthy sources of information.

Find influencers in your field. We accomplish this through searching using criteria such as retweets or favorites.

Save the Twitter advanced query that contains your company name and commonly misspelled words, allowing the user to remain consistent with your monitoring. It is possible to spot flaws in reputation and negative consumer sentiment quite quickly.

Mute notifications. This is an essential option for social media managers who are constantly exposed to negative news throughout the day. If a specific subject or keyword triggers the user to mute it, they do so. If the topic isn’t your industry, Muting it will make your day-to-day scrolling and monitoring much more pleasant. Turn off as many keywords as you like!

Start saving time and energy in managing your social media! Please look at our trial offer for Agorapulse, which will help you organize, monitor, and evaluate every aspect of your social media activities.



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