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Twitter IOS Androidpereztechcrunch, Twitter launches Twitter Blue on iOS & Android in NZL and the US, Perez TechCrunch

Twitter has launched Twitter Blue in the US and New Zealand on both iOS and Android platforms to attract more users globally, reports Sarah Perez on TechCrunch. [Twitter OS AndroidPerezTechCrunch]

Key Takes:

  • Twitter launched Twitter Blue in the US and New Zealand on iOS and Android platforms
  • Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service offering premium tools and features to enhance users’ Twitter
  • Features of Twitter Blue include a “clutter-free” reading format, Undo Tweet, Top Articles, ad-free access to news articles, and customization options
  • Twitter will focus on micropayments instead of ad-generated revenue with Twitter Blue
  • The launch of Twitter Blue in other countries is likely to depend on the response from the US and New Zealand markets

New features are being added to Twitter as the social media platform announces to launch of Twitter Blue to appeal to new users and facilitate existing ones. For $2.99 per month in the US and $4.49 NZD in New Zealand, the feature will be available for both iOS and Android users in the said countries.

Prior to that, Twitter successfully launched these features in Australia and Canada in mid-2021, and the audience showed a great response. With Twitter Blue, subscribers are given a premium set of tools to enhance their experience on Twitter. For instance, Twitter Blue users can read threads in a smooth, “clutter-free” format. 

In addition, a small yet useful feature – autocorrect – has been introduced with this subscription. As the old users know that once the tweet is published, it cannot be edited, so all the typos will remain if not corrected before posting. 

In Twitter Blue, the autocorrect feature fixes all the typos before publishing the tweet. The subscribers can use the “Undo Tweet” button to catch typos and fix tweets before they’re posted, but they can’t edit tweets that have already been posted. [Twitter OS AndroidPerezTechCrunch]

Undo Tweet
Image Source: Twitter

Twitter’s recent acquisition of Scroll will also be benefit Twitter Blue users both on Android and iOS platforms. Premium users can now read ad-free news articles as well as have exclusive access to early features. A new feature called “Top Articles” is also being introduced by incorporating Nuzzel (a news aggregator by Nuzzel).

new feature called “Top Articles”
Image Source: Twitter

Nuzzel was a website that acted as a filter for finding interesting content on Twitter. By showing users what the people they followed were reading and sharing, it made it easier to discover topics of interest beyond Twitter’s main trending topics. Unfortunately, after Twitter acquired Nuzzel’s parent company, Scroll, they shut down Nuzzel, causing disappointment and frustration among its small but loyal user base.

Twitter Blue subscribers will now be able to see the most popular articles shared by people they follow in the past 24 hours. It will offer a fast and ad-free reading experience to Twitter Blue subscribers who click on links on the platform. [Twitter OS AndroidPerezTechCrunch]

Popular publishers like The Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, and The Atlantic are among those participating. Other names include Rolling Stone, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, HuffPost, Insider, and many more. These publishers, not Twitter, will be responsible for providing an ad-free experience to Twitter Blue users as part of the partnership.

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Image Source: Twitter

This feature will be added to other existing Twitter Blue features such as organizing saved tweets into bookmark folders, customizing themes and icons, and viewing long Twitter threads in a clean and distraction-free way.

This feature will be added to other existing Twitter Blue features such as organizing saved tweets into bookmark folders
Image Source: Twitter

Other than that, Twitter Blue allows customization options as well but do keep in mind that the experience can change for iOS and Android users. You can customize the application’s navigation system and play around with new features such as Twitter Spaces, Top Articles, Bookmarks, and so on. 

As mentioned earlier, both iOS and Android users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue will have access to Twitter Labs. This is where Twitter will roll out its new features and is still in the testing phase or early access. For instance, two new features, for example, 10-minute video upload and pinning your favorite DM conversations were first introduced via Twitter Labs.

Features such as fast load, ad-free, and a smooth news reading experience have also been introduced by competitors including Google and Facebook for their platforms. However, they failed in making it a success as the publishers are restricted and cannot increase their visibility due to such restrictions. Twitter took a different approach and made it a paid feature, along with other features. For instance, the publishers don’t have to worry about decreased monetization as Twitter will pay them directly as part of the Twitter Blue deal. This is a win-win for the users, Twitter, and publishers. [Twitter OS AndroidPerezTechCrunch]

Additionally, Twitter will now be focusing on micropayments instead of ad-generated revenue. 

“Our goal is that each site makes 50% more per person than they were making serving ads to that person…At Twitter, we recognize that a great public conversation requires a thriving journalism ecosystem. So with Blue, we’re not just trying to enable a better internet for subscribers, but a better internet for journalism, too,” stated Tony Haile, Senior Director of Product at Twitter. 

However, incorporating micropayments can decrease overall engagement. In other words, when a user goes to a site to read something, the website displays ads, promotions, event tickets, email newsletters, and whatnot. With Twitter Blue, the users are not shown anything, which can be concerning for news publishers and their monetization strategy in the long -term.

Twitter Blue is now live in the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Twitter will most likely roll these features all over the world as they may be testing the response from the 1st world.

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