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Five Towel Cleanliness Regime Everyone Must Follow

No matter whether you use your towel for daily use or not, it will still be infected with bacteria. And not cleaning the towel frequently will decrease your hygiene and can make you sick. That is why it is really important to clean the towel and make sure your hygiene is properly maintained.

When it comes to personal hygiene, your towel plays a major role. Hence, you need to take special care to clean your towel. Whether it is about drying your body or cleaning your face, you need a towel at every other moment.

Why Cleaning Your Towel Is Important For You?

Most people do not even think of the personal care necessity of the towel. That is why they do not even get the idea when they get sick. It is probably because they are using their towel for a long time without cleaning. If you really care about your personal hygiene, you need to consider taking measures by following a good towel-cleaning regime.

You need to have a separate towel for yourself. Whether you use bathroom towels or kitchen towels, they probably contain a large number of harmful bacteria. Hence many doctors and experts recommend making use of sanitation towels.

Steps To Maintain Personal Hygiene And Follow A Towel Cleanliness Regime

Towels basically act as traps for bacteria after someone uses a towel, no matter how clean it was before. Hence, it is really crucial for you to maintain a cleanliness regime for your towel. The following are the major steps you need to follow in cleaning your towel and also maintaining your personal hygiene:

1. Start Making Use Of Separate Towels For Different Purposes

Since towel is one of the major carriers of germs and other harmful bacteria, you do not want them to transfer throughout your body, especially your face. Mostly, our hands consist of germs, mainly after cleaning work. Make sure you use a separate towel for cleaning your hands.

Also, use a separate one for your face. Then, do the same for your body, hair, etc. Also, make sure that your towels are different for various parts of your body. For example, keep a short towel for your hands, a soft one for your face, a long cotton towel for drying up your body, a cotton towel for your hair, etc.

2. Never Share Your Towel With Anyone

One of the major spreaders of harmful bacteria among humans is the usage of towels that are already used by someone else. Do not use common hand towels that you find hung near wash basins. It acts as a major unhygienic material, which is enough to make your body sick if the person that used the towel before you possessed harmful bacteria.

Also, within your family, have separate towels for every member. Also, do not share your towel with anyone else. Using sanitation towels is also a great option to keep away from using others’ towels.

3. Avoid Using Damp Towels

A damp environment is the best option for bacteria to grow. Therefore, make sure that your towel is fully dry before you use it on your body. Also, if you are in a hurry and your towel is still damp, try to dry your towel with an air dryer.

If you have time, one of the best ways to dry your towel is to put it under the sun. The towel will lose all bacteria, although it will get harder by the time you use it. Also, make sure that you do not leave your towel hanging in damp areas as well.

4. Clean Your Towels On A Daily Basis

After daily use, make sure to clean your towel with detergents or towel cleaners. Furthermore, make sure you clean your workout towel and gym towel after a workout necessarily, since it contains the highest number of bacteria.

Develop a habit of cleaning your towel on a daily basis. Make sure to clean your towel properly with detergents and towel cleaners, and dry your towels under the sun to ensure that there are no bacteria. On the other hand, you can also make use of sanitation towels, which will lower your job.

5. Wash Your Towels After Using Them Twice

It goes without saying, after all, you have read that towels inherit bacteria after just one usage. Also, the towel fur captures the dead skin cells of your body, which contain bacteria. However, it is not possible to clean your towel after every use on your body. Hence, make sure you clean your towels after at least three to four uses.


No matter how much healthy you are, cleaning your towel is really important to make sure that harmful bacteria do not attack you. Also, as per researchers, towel plays a major role in spreading harmful bacteria among people. Hence, many doctors recommend not using towels that are already used by others.

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