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Top PUBG Players in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan is one of those countries from which legends born every day with ultimate skills. And today, we are going to discuss about Pakistani Warriors of PUBG who have won different gaming tournaments in this game & made their name to the top of the list worldwide.

Let’s get acquainted with the Top PUBG Players in Pakistan! Listed below are some of the best and the youngest PUBG players in Pakistan.

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When it comes to PUBG, the country is home to some of the most skilled PUBG players in the world. One of the best PUBG players in Pakistan is Crypto. He is a competitive player from the i8 team owned by Trynda, who is also his coach. His team has also been sponsor by the Ze organization. Crypto has ranked as the top fragger in the PMCO Pakistan spring split regional finals. He has also reached the top four in kill leaders at the PMPL south Asia championship finals. He also won the MVP position in the BAAD event.


Mubeen has over 1.84 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He started his channel on May 16th 2017 and is the leader of a gaming clan called Star Anonymous. Mubeen is a member of STAR Clan and is a renowned PUBG player from Pakistan. He is also known as Crypto.


Crypto’s teammate Johnny is another great player. He is the best close range player in Pakistan and has been involved in a lot of PUBG mobile tournaments. He is the second most popular PUBG player in Pakistan, and has more than 400k YouTube subscribers. His PUBG clan is called Fyme, and he is the leader of the Fyme Clan. He has been playing PUBG since the beginning of the game in Pakistan, and he has a lot to offer to the country’s PUBG mobile community.

Osama Qayyum

Osama Qayyum, also known as 47 Khalifa, is a 20-year-old gamer from Peshawar, Khyber, Pakistan. He enjoys playing PUBG Mobile on his iPhone XR and plays with 3 fingers. He has over 100,000 subscribers and his most popular video has over 250,000 views. He is also the Official Leader of the 47 clan in Pakistan.

Legend Sam

In Pakistan, Legend Sam is one of the most popular PUBG mobile players. He is the first person to upload PUBG videos to TikTok. He plays the game on his iPhone 12 Pro Max and is from Islamabad. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos about the game. In fact, his YouTube channel has over 150k subscribers. Legend Sam is also the leader of the Legend Clan, one of the most popular PUBG mobile clans in Pakistan.

His YouTube channel has over 430k subscribers, and he has been playing the game for more than three years. He has been ranked number two in the world by Gamersfreak and is the second best PUBG player in Pakistan.

Mr. Jay Plays

Another top PUBG player in Pakistan is Mr. Jay Plays. He is an avid YouTuber and content creator. His video has 1.1 million views and over 140,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel is full of videos about playing PUBG on the iPad. His favorite game mode is Solo vs. Squad and he has won numerous PUBG Pakistan tournaments. He is a fan favorite among Pakistanis and can be found on both YouTube and in live streaming games.

Cute Panda

Known by his online name Cute Panda, 12 years old PUBG player from Pakistan has gained immense fame on YouTube. Since joining the community in the year 2020, Cute Panda has more than 400K subscribers. His PUBG videos are very popular on YouTube and are also followed by millions of YouTube users. In addition to Cute Panda, another popular PUBG player in Pakistan is Mr. Jay Plays. He has over five hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and is the leader of the Roar Esport clan. This player plays the game on an iPad emulator with all controls on it.

He is currently the strongest PUBG competitor in Pakistan. He lives in Karachi, Pakistan and started his YouTube channel in 2012. He gained fame as a TikTok star and has since transferred his popularity to the PUBG mobile platform. His videos have a large YouTube community, and he is currently the leader of the 2nd Roar clan. He is the youngest PUBG player in Pakistan.

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