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Top Inflatable Kayak Australia Facts You Should Know

When discussing the subject of an inflatable kayak, Australia cannot be left out. Australia is home to the various types of kayaks you could find in the world. This is because there are many rivers to paddle down your kayak in Australia. Rivers such as; the Tully river in Queensland, the Katherine River in Northern Territory, the Yarra River in Victoria, the Mosman River in Queensland, the Franklin River in Tasmania, the Murray River in Victoria, the Mitta Mitta River also in Victoria, the Blackwood River in Western Australia, the Swan River in Western Australia, the Thredbo River in New South Wales, etc. 

Inflatable Kayaks in Australia—What are they? 

Just as the name implies, it is a boat made out of PVC, that floats on water. It also has inbuilt air chambers that enable it to inflate in a very short time. It is so compatible that it can fit in the boot of your car. Plus, it is far lighter than its plastic equivalent. 

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Benefits of this boat 

Compared to its plastic equivalent, this type of boat has many benefits. We’ll just share a few here with you. 


It is lightweight, which means it is portable and can fit just anywhere. Even in the boots of your Mercedes car. You can carry it anywhere with you in your suitcase or backpack once it is deflated and rolled up. 

Easy loading 

It is very easy to load a boat compared to the rigid ones. Plus, they are not as fragile as many people believe. Their material is hard enough to overcome puncture and abrasions. 

Provides security 

Speaking of the subject of inflatable kayaks Australia has the toughest. Their drifts and wind resistance are top-notch. However, resilience is required from the paddler to paddle it to the required destination in cases of wind storms. 

Higher sitting position

Compared to plastic boats, the seats in types of watercraft are higher up. The tension on your joints and muscles is reduced as you do not need to bend so much to sit or get up. 

Top 5 inflatable kayaks, Australia offers 


Made out of PVC tarpaulin and 840D nylon, this boat is enjoyed alone and also with another person. It weighs 27 pounds and is only for recreational use. 

Intex Explorer K2 

This boat has the shape of a banana, unlike the driftsun-2-person, it is made from rugged vinyl. It is lightweight and highly durable. Furthermore, it is equipped with two paddles and high output pump. 

Airhead Montana 

This type of boat can fit into a duffel bag or car boot. Made out of  840D nylon and stainless steel, it has dimensions of 28.5 x 19.8 x 11.9 inches. 

Rave sports 

The rave sports has a 200 pounds weight capacity and is made from 423-Denier Nylon, 500-Denier, and PVC material. It has 4 carry handles that make kayaking for long distances plausible. When it comes to this inflatable kayak, Australia designs it better! 

Sevylor big basin 

The Sevylor big basin is a three-person boat. Made out of PVC tarpaulin, it is tough and durable. The seats are not only comfortable but also adjustable. As with other inflatable kayaks in Australia, it also comes equipped with air chambers. This helps prevents sinking. 


And that’s it. Speaking of any inflatable kayak, we can safely state that Australia does it better. We hope all we’ve shared helps you select the right boat for your needs. 


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