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Top 7 Websites to watch Chinese TV drama for free online

Looking for a website where you can watch Chinese dramas and series? Do you want to watch Chinese drama online but don’t know where to look? You don’t have to be concerned about it. We have listed the best websites to watch Chinese Drama Online in Mandarin or with English subtitles in this post. It’s a great way to learn Chinese while having fun. So, let’s look at how to watch Chinese dramas online and dramatically improve your Chinese language skills.

These websites will assist you in locating your next favorite Chinese film to watch in Chinese. It was chosen by our Discord members to assist you in learning Chinese.


Viki is a free legal VOD (Video-on-Demand) platform with a large library of Asian plays, movies, and TV shows available for free streaming. It is the perfect place to find the most popular and recently released high-quality Chinese dramas in a variety of languages. There is no need to register or sign up to access any of the content. However, Viki does not support offline video viewing.

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QQ TV, on the other hand, has a variety of options for keeping its Chinese customers happy and entertained. QQ is China’s most popular instant messaging app and the best website for watching Chinese dramas with English subtitles. It supports all of the most recent and well-known series and allows its users to watch Untamed Chinese drama online, the popular latest Chinese series. Users of Android, iPhone, and Windows can watch ChineseTV shows with English subtitles on the website. It is also available in nearly every version, whether it is a smartphone, Windows, Mac, iPad, or TV.


YouTube has pretty much everything you can think of. Videos of music. Makeup demonstrations. Videos of cats. It can be difficult to navigate such a wild and massive world of a website, especially with years’ worth of content being uploaded on a daily basis. However, some newcomers to the world of Asian dramas may be surprised to learn that there are full-length Chinese dramas available on YouTube for free with subtitles. You can easily upload your college dorm party video on your channel if you have any.

You just have to actively look because you’re dealing with such a large site with such a wide range of content. Of course, you can simply type the show or drama you’re looking for into the search bar, but if you’re not sure where to begin, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with a few good channels that offer Mandarin-language dramas with English subtitles.

Dramacool & Dramanice

Many Asian drama fans enjoy Dramacool as well. Its success is based primarily on its extensive library of Eng-subbed Asian movies and TV shows. It frequently updates its database, so that many new drama episodes are added to its site shortly after they air. All of the dramas in the Drama List can be viewed and filtered by genre, year, status, and country. If you can’t find your desired drama here or on Googelecom, you can make a request to their team staff. Watching and downloading Chinese dramas is also not a problem on this website. Dramanice is an alternative to Dramacool because it uses the same database as Dramacool and only differs in its interface and web features.

CN Drama

CN Drama is owned by the media company NetDrama and is the English version of their entirely in Chinese YouTube channel, which you may also find useful depending on your level. They regularly upload mainland Chinese dramas for those in the Chinese diaspora, such as Taiwan and Malaysia, but their CN Drama channel is directed at English speakers, with titles in English and subtitles on each update with no wait. Their channel broadcasts both contemporary and historical/costume dramas.

Youku  – 

Youku is the leading website that provides thousands of the most recent Chinese dramas that have recently aired on Chinese television screens. Youku also produces mini television series, some of which are extremely popular among netizens. People who want to watch Youku Chinese dramas with English subtitles can do so by using a VPN. People who have an Android or iPhone, as well as Windows or Mac, can easily access Youku as well as jio rockers to watch their favorite content.


Many Asian drama fans are familiar with the name KissAsian. It has a reputation for providing high-quality English-subbed Asian dramas for free streaming, including many classic Chinese dramas as well as a plethora of ongoing popular shows. Furthermore, all of the content on KissAsian is compatible with multiple streaming servers. You can also easily download every episode of your favorite C-drama from this site.

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