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Top 7 Google Search Tips

Being an immensely powerful search tool, Google Search can find out anything and everything on the web that you ask for. It comes up with various search results, but how to get the most precise search result efficiently depends entirely on you. Read on to know 7 Google search tips that can help

you refine your search results and let Google work for you in the best way possible.

7 Google Search tips:

  1. Use operators to refine searches:

Google Search also lets you refine your searches using operators. Some of these common operators are:

  • Use a colon (:) to reach specific websites-

You may be looking for a specific piece of information or content on a particular website. To refine your search and make things easier for Google to help you reach there, you just need to put a colon (:) and find yourself landing in your desired place. For example, if you are looking for a Myntra Coupon codeall you need to do is to follow the below syntax to reach your preferred location:

Type  ’Myntra Coupon code:pakkaoffer’ in a google search. Now you will get the search result belonging to pakkaoffer.

Here is the result that flashes within seconds:


  • Use quotation marks (“phrase”) for specific results-

Google looks out for the phrases that you have typed and brings back the results in the form of content that uses the words in the phrase in whichever order. But if you use quotes (“phrase”) while searching, it will look out for the phrase in the exact order of the words. This way you can reach your desired result most accurately.

  • Use a hyphen (-) to exclude a site or word from the search-

When searching for words with an ambiguous meaning, it is best to remove one of the words with a hyphen so that the search is made more refined. The search engines ignore the content that is specified by the hyphen.

  • Use an asterisk (*) as a placeholder-

When you use the asterisk in a search, Google assumes it as a placeholder and automatically fills it later with the valid word.

  1. Search for built-in games: 

If you are a gaming geek, Google has surprises for you. It offers various built-in games that you can access and play for free like flip a coin, Snake, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and many more. If you want to download games from websites, you can do that too, by simply searching for that particular game. You can also learn how to download games from various websites on Google or by searching for a Hindi keyword game kaise download karte hain and leave the rest to Google. Within seconds you will be provided with the results of your query.

  1. Use tabs to refine searches: Google allows you to specify your search by using the provided tabs on the top, like Web, Image, News, and many more. You can click on these and refine your search accordingly to reach the desired search result.

4. Use the Advanced Search feature:

If you don’t want to use the search operators/ modifiers, you can resort to the Advanced Search option provided by Google, which allows you to specify the keywords or phrases in the fields specified by it. This makes the result narrow down to the specific search in a convenient way.

seconds 2

google 3

  1. Stay updated with the weather and forecast:

You can find out the weather conditions prevailing at any given location within seconds when you search by typing weather. By default, it searches for your location’s weather. If you want to search for the weather conditions at any specific place around the world, you can specify it too like for example, new Delhi.


  1. Search for Websites for specific TLDs: 

You can use the site: search operator in combination with the TLD for any specific country and reach your desired result within seconds. All you have to do is to type the search phrase and the TLD, like this- chicken recipes and there you are with your search result to explore further.


  1. Use the Tools tab to narrow down your image/video/ news results:

When using Google Image Search to look for images, you can use the Tools tab to filter the results by size, color, type, usage right, and time. This feature is helpful for a refined search that saves your time and effort.



Google search tips mentioned here are not comprehensive as there are innumerable search tips and tricks that can save you time and many useless clicks. Mastering these tricks surely needs some practice but once you are adept at using them in everyday searches, I bet they are going to be real-life savers. So, the next time you put up a search on Google, get yourself handy with these tricks and have fun.

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