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Top 3 Tips for Designing Boxes to Improve Brand Awareness and Sales

We live in a digital age where it’s easier than ever to make custom packaging. If you want to improve your brand awareness and sales, customizing your boxes with custom graphics is one of the best ways to do so! This blog post will cover three creative design improvements you can make to enhance brand awareness and increase sales: custom packaging, sleeve boxes, and new design. Designing custom packaging for your products is a great way to increase brand awareness. Many different custom boxes are available on the market, but you can make custom sleeves that fit around any product.

Why Customize Them?

Suppose we have a pre-roll business; then how can we improve sales? Customization is an excellent way to increase sales. However, custom pre roll packaging is not only attractive but also increases the sales of your products. It may seem like an investment at first, but you will see that custom pre-roll packaging pays for itself with proper care and use. Many people are opting to purchase their cannabis from dispensaries now than ever before because they can find what they want without relying on black market dealers. The latter don’t care about quality or purity. 

Customize your pre-rolls with a variety of sizes and styles! If you’re looking for something more traditional, then we have our classic cigar-style tubes. Tubes are best for those looking for something new and different.

Hot Tips to Grow Brand Knowledge:

Your new launch requires brand knowledge to improve sales and recognition.

Custom packaging is a simple solution:

Customized boxes are sure to grow brand recognition. We can cover your custom box with images, colors, and designs directly related to your product or service. Customization is an excellent opportunity for you as a business owner to put yourself in the palm of your customer’s hands, which will allow them to have complete knowledge about what is being sold before they even purchase it!

Run Facebook campaign to improve brand awareness:

Facebook is an excellent resource to grow brand awareness. You can share custom box images on your page with custom-designed boxes linked to your product or service pages. When you use Facebook as a platform for advertising, the advertisements will appear in the center of many news feeds. In addition, it has some excellent tracking capabilities if users click on them.

New designs win over customers:

Customers love new things! They like them more than anything else. If you have already had success selling other customized packaging products, then this should be successful too.

Hire Instagram influencers:

Influencers are a great way to improve sales and spread knowledge of your brand. One great platform to use is Instagram. You can search for influencers in your industry or related to your brand and would be willing to offer a free product in exchange for an advertisement on their page. If you find one that isn’t too expensive, you could get custom-branded packaging from them as well!

Improve pre-roll sales:

There are some difficult to sell products in the market. Dispensaries use Pre-rolls for the cure of many things before the legalization. Do you know the average joint has around 0.75 grams of flowers? Inside it with minimal branding capabilities (apart from some glasswork). The best way pre-roll companies are improving their business now is through custom branded packaging. Besides, they use custom boxes which they can store more products at once than using plain jars.

Be an active Twitter participant:

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is a gigantic one that improves awareness. The best way to promote your business is by being engaged in discussions and interactions. For example, if you are a custom pre-roll company, engage with other custom packaging companies on Twitter that post about their new products or any other product they have designed. Being engaged in these conversations will help you improve the brand awareness of your custom packaging services.

Promote Your Custom Pre-Rolls:

Now it is time for some actual steps to take when discussing how custom boxes can be used as the latest promotional tool. Besides, many companies use custom pre-roll companies. The main goal here should be to increase sales by promoting them online rather than just displaying them in dispensaries where people see themselves purchasing something else since there are already many options! Promoting means giving out free.

New online marketplaces for selling your product or services:

Find out and research the new marketplace to sell your products. For example, for custom pre-rolls, it is going to be on online marketplaces. This way, you can ensure that more people will see them and potentially purchase them as well!

Keep It Simple:

When customizing a custom box for your custom pre-rolls, there are specific rules of thumb to follow to keep the design simple yet effective. First off, make sure colors play a significant part in this strategy since they won’t just stand out but also help create brand awareness with ease. Using contrasting colors such as black boxes with white writing or vice versa works excellent here, depending on what fits their needs best! Secondly, always include an image of the product within the sleeves, so customers know exactly the strains they’re purchasing before. Finally, read reviews about products you are interested in by searching the hashtags of those goods on social media to see what others think. This is a great way to gain insight into whether it’s worth spending your money or not!

Sleeve boxes are good too:

Sleeve boxes are another great way for clients to gain insight into new products by allowing easy access without extra costs. Sleeves are usually made out of thin sheets of paperboard but may also be made from corrugated fiberboard, depending on the finish needed. You can see custom printed sleeve boxes in the market. However, these boxes are a great way to represent your product.


There are many other ways you can use to improve brand awareness and enhance your revenue. Some of the best useable solutions are mentioned here, especially brands like pre-roll. Pre-roll is a hard-to-sell item, and you need extra packaging and printing focus to improve sales. You see mixing of many light and rigid boxes together to improve brand awareness. Visit mentioned link above to see more exciting designs for your product.


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