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Tips to Make Holiday in Singapore Become Memorable

Do you have a plan to go to Singapore for your next holiday with your family? If so, you have come to the right place! Singapore is known as a tiny country in Southeast Asia which only has 728.6 km2. Since Singapore is becoming the place where people come and go for their business to other countries, you will easily find different races and cultures of Singaporeans in the street.

Just because it only has a tiny area, Singapore is really popular among the people who have been visiting Singapore, at least once. It is because Singapore feels like ‘a city in nature’ where everywhere you go, you will find trees, and flowers, which makes your sightseeing wonderful. No wonder, it is such a piece of cake to find hotels in Singapore, for example, Bugis Hotel, as one of the most famous places in Singapore. Another famous place in Singapore you can visit is Orchard, with one of the best hotels called Orchard Rendezvous Hotel.

Before you go to Singapore, there are some things you need to know more and details about this country. In order to have the most memorable holiday during your time in Singapore, let’s take a look at some tips below!

  1. Book A Hotel Earlier

Singapore is a tiny country, but it does not make other people won’t come here, even during the holiday time. There are dozens of activities, both indoor and outdoor you can do during your time in Singapore. Therefore, at certain seasons, the price of accommodation could become more expensive than before.

Booking a hotel earlier before your time to go to Singapore helps you to reduce the budget for accommodation. Not only that, you still can choose the types of accommodation you want to rent as a temporary place to rest your body during your vacation in Singapore.

In order to get a better place to stay in and offer cheaper prices, you can check Traveloka as an all-in-one app to make your plan to Singapore more effective. Not only you can book a room, you can do literally anything related to holiday with Traveloka.

To get the details and further information, you can check Traveloka through the official website or simply download their application on your smartphone through AppStore or PlayStore.

  1. Create A Bucket List of Places to Visit

Did I mention that Singapore is full of beautiful places to visit, that could make you feel confused and a few days feels not enough to get all of the cute places in Singapore?

Therefore, it is important to make a bucket list where you want to go during your time in Singapore. Singapore has anything you wanted for attractions. Family friendly attractions, museums, theme parks, gardens, anything you want!

You can start the bucket list of who is going to Singapore with you. You are going to bring your mom? Your kids? Your lovers? Your friends? And then, you can try to search some specific keywords to find the right places to visit.

So, don’t forget to make your own research about places to visit in Singapore!

  1. Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy

Since most of the places in Singapore are connected to public facilities, there is a possibility you will spend your time during your visit by walking to get to your destination. It is important to take care of your health and even for your family if you are going to bring them with you to Singapore.

Take a look at your diet, your sleep hour, in order to keep your body fit before coming to Singapore.

That’s all about some tips to make your holiday time to Singapore becoming more memorable. Don’t forget to be quick to get the amazing hotel deals offered by Traveloka! Log in to your account now and book your Traveloka’s Weekend Flash Sale Every Friday – Sunday from 6 pm to 12 am. No need to worry about staying in a 5-star hotel with up to 50% Off from Traveloka!


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