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The plumber’s method of opening the sink, bath or shower drain

There are several other ways to open your sink, bathroom or shower. If you know these methods, you will not have to spend money to see a local plumber. The system is not as complex as people think. You can use it comfortably in your home. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

– There are many possible causes of dirt in the sink, bath or shower. Some of the main reasons are food, hair or jewelry. The best and easiest solution to this problem is to use an environmentally safe chemical drain cleaner. You pour the product into the drain. When it dissolves in a few minutes, rinse the drain hose with running water.

– Check for any problems with the drain plug? Sometimes it is covered with hair and debris. Let’s see if it is completely open.

– If the drain plug is transparent, it indicates that there may be a problem with the drain hose. You can use a plumbing hose to remove the blockage. Install the drain hose and try to remove the obstruction by pressing on it. If this does not work, turn the snake clockwise. Once he has caught the pile, lift the snake and remove it from the pile.

– You can use a wet or dry vacuum cleaner to open the drain. Its suction power can be very strong for its purpose.

– Another way is to use pistons. Remove the sink filter or pop-up guide directly above. Now give the water a good flow before removing and place the plumbing cup on the drain and push it down and quickly pull it up. Do this several times, the block will slowly clear and you will be able to remove it too. You can increase piston suction by inserting a cloth into the drain of the CANALISATION BOUCHÉ.

– After using the hose or vacuum cleaner, the water should be allowed to enter the drain properly to remove the blocked hose.

– Locked bathing can usually be a travel problem, accumulation of hair swelling during the trip. To disassemble the trip and remove the hair first, remove the assembly plate with the screws on it. After cleaning the trip, turn it over and tighten the mounting plate screws.

Closing a toilet at an unexpected time can be a real challenge. This is because in addition to preventing you from using this bath, it also creates unpleasant odors in the environment. This can happen in the form of a partial blockage – when your toilet is flushed slowly. Or complete blockage – If you have no condition, however, you can use one or more methods to destroy your toilet.

Step 1:

Piston: Commonly referred to as a plumber’s best friend. And in this situation should be in every bathroom. You need high quality pistons. So with one large flange on a rubber ball, it can effectively seal the toilet hole. Leave your plumbing in the toilet until the toilet is full of stagnant water. Make sure the toilet lid is closed. Gently push and pull the first jump to expel the air, then gently push (lift and pull), keeping the cap around the hole. Do this several times to open it. Lock the toilet to see the result.

Step 2:

Vinegar and baking soda: If the piston concept does not give you the desired result, you can try a combination of vinegar and baking soda. You will need 1/2 gallon of hot water, a bag of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar. Pour 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet. Also wait a while for this mixture to foam. Then immediately pour hot water into the toilet bowl. This will help clear up the blockages and clear your toilet. This procedure may not create a solid or rigid barrier. And whether or not you should try the steps below.

Step 3:

Sewage sprayer: This tool is also known as a plumbing faucet. This is because it has the shape of a serpent and has a handle at one end. They are typically 15 to 20 feet long and 1/4 inch thick and have proven to be the most effective way to remove clogged toilets. Especially heavy items but it is the hardest way to use. It works in direct contact with the object. To move it or wrap it up, you need to insert a drill into the toilet hole and push it gently so as not to damage the pipe. When the drill has reached the required distance, turn your head to push until you have an obstacle. Tighten the drill and continue spinning. This makes it easier to attach the object to the drill or break it into smaller particles. Make a vaccine and see the result.

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