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7 Great Ideas for the Perfect Staycation in the UK

The pandemic was the reason for people to find ways to enjoy the vacation amid the travel restriction. It was the staycation at their favorite location within the country that helped them survive the wanderlust. It was safe from the threat of the virus and the perfect way to relieve the stress. 

There are endless locations in the UK for a staycation with your loved ones. You will find natural landscapes, castles, and camper vans across the island to book your next visit. Though, it will help to narrow down your list to a few places that suites your ideal holiday plan. 

Is It Possible to Save Money for a Staycation Fast?

Yes, you can save money for a staycation within a few weeks with the right methods. The chances of failure will increase if you rely on the savings after extreme budgeting. Therefore, try the alternative such as selling the clutter or starting a part-time job.

Some other methods include using credit cards for major transactions. However, it will put overwhelming stress on the finances because of the high interest rates. You can try 3000-pound loans with no guarantor from a direct lender to make the repayment manageable.

8 Ideas for Your Next Staycation in the UK

People have different ideas for the perfect vacation. Some want to spend their time in the woods while others prefer to learn with trips to the museums and castles. Here are some suggestions to help you find the ideal place for your next staycation in the UK.

  1. VW Campervan 

You can plan a budget trip around the country with an electric VW campervan. You can take the iconic vehicle wherever you want with your loved ones in the back seat. A road trip in a campervan will give numerous occasions for the perfect snap to share on social media.

Also, you can take the vehicle to visit multiple locations on the same day. You are supporting the use of EV vehicles to help control the damage from our activities. Also, the charging infrastructure has improved a lot lately.

  1. Durham Castle

The authorities face a tough decision as to whether reopen the school or take more control of the situation. You can use the time to visit the University Halls of the UNESCO listed Durham Castle. The place is available to visit during the summers as the walls are now part of the university.

The fans of Harry Potter can relate to the buildings as they will wander through the halls. Though, you will not stay in the dorms as the guest have separate rooms. Do not let the opportunity slide, even if it requires an unsecured personal loan from a direct lender.

  1. Wooden Log Cabin

Scotland is the ideal location if you are searching the UK for a cabin surrounded by greenery. Your family and friends will appreciate the comfort of a cabin in a peaceful environment. And, you will get the companionship of other domesticated animals such as sheep and goats. 

You will find numerous cabins in the Highland to enjoy nature and occasional hiking. The cabins are available for people with different budgets. You will find some with surprisingly luxurious furniture to entertain the guests.

  1. Villas

People haven’t seen their loved ones for over a year now. The holidays and festivals were not the same because of the limited attendance. And since things are going back to normal, it is time to host a reunion for the whole family.

Book a villa in a distant location from the concrete jungle to host the weekend stay. You can enjoy many activities within the villa, such as board games and movies, along with the guests. It is time to relive the memories of the past to relieve the stress of the present.

  1. Bubble Dome

Northern Ireland is the home of some magnificent bubble domes to enjoy the night under the stars. It will end up as one of the best memories with your partner in a romantic setup. If not the partner, you can use it as the experience to explore yourself with a book in the middle of a forested area with a comfortable bed.

You may get surprised to find bathtubs in these standalone domes. These domes are located in Finnlough at 2 hours’ drive from Dublin.

  1. Museums

The UK is home to some of the most elaborated museums with a long list of attractions. You can spend the whole afternoon going through the artifacts and historical pieces of human civilization. It is a great activity to learn a few things while enjoying the next staycation.

Some museums stand out with a unique approach towards introducing the visitors to the culture and history. Some prominent names among the huge list of destinations are Beamish Living Museum, Cosmeston Medieval Village, and Blists Hill Victorian. These museums offer an interactive experience to the different eras of British history.

You will find some unexpected themes in the list of museums such as the Dog Collar Museum in Leeds or the Smallest House in Conwy. You are adding some bits of knowledge that may start some amazing conversations at the next office party. 

  1. West Usk Lighthouse

The West Usk Lighthouse has a history that spans over two centuries. You can use it for a small getaway for the weekend since it was decommissioned in 1922. Prepare yourself for a soothing bath in the hot tub present at the roof terrace. 

It is not the traditional lighthouse anymore as it has comfortable rooms with different views. You can book sea or rolling-field views based on your preference. 


To sum up, you don’t need to wait for the travel restrictions to lift for a holiday with your favorite persons and activities. You can spend some time in the natural landscape or revisit the glory days of the UK’s history. Among the other benefits, you are saving a considerable amount on the travel with a staycation.

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In this blog, you will find some great ideas for a staycation in the UK to avoid travel to distant countries amid the travel restrictions.


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