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The most popular necklace trends this season

Necklaces never run out of fashion as they are compatible with your face cut and every hairstyle that you opt for. It makes everything you wear go supreme, be it long hair (straight or curls), or even bangs. Necklaces will always find their place in trends. Sometimes it can be tricky to walk in line with the trending necklaces according to the season as you want it to be your style statement so you don’t want to mess things around. And if you are looking to customize your necklaces or bring something new to the closet to keep up with the ongoing trends, then look no further. These seven popular necklace trends are what you ought to have this season because you’re worth it.

  1. Diamond Collars and Chokers- Who doesn’t like chokers? They’re fine and they bring the shine out of your neck. Diamond collars and chokers provide seamless grandeur and astonishing versatility, elegantly moving from sophisticated to relax with a surprising look.  While a sparkling diamond necklace is an obvious choice for a formal gown, it may also be worn with a fresh white shirt and denim trousers, making you find your statement choker. You can find tons of beautiful chokers in the mellora jewelry store as per your choice.
  2. Chain Link Necklaces- Needless to say, chain necklaces are trending at the top of their game these days and the reason is quite obvious. You can wear them in formal or informal like trousers and silk shirts or even cocktail gowns. Try on paperclip chains or chain-link necklaces that work best with long skirts with pony-up hairstyles. Chain link necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry since they are both elegant and practical. They go with practically any attire, whether it’s casual or formal. They can be styled by both men and women with their clothing, anywhere and at any time.
  3. Abstract Pearl Necklaces- Pearls work amazing with saris and we can’t deny that. But when you have the chance to put these shinier pearls in an abstract necklace, you grab it as abstract pearl necklaces come in these beautiful irregular shapes and sizes that it doesn’t look tacky or outdated. Abstract necklaces can complement your looks regardless of your outfit. And guess what, the abstract pearl necklaces have been used by famous designers like Tom Ford, Valentino Givenchy, and Simon Rocha on runways.
  4. Pendants- Lockets or pendants have been in trend for a long time. Remember the days when buying gold or diamond pendants meant spending a fortune? Well, no more.  The stylish younger generation is opting for magnificent costume pendant designs that meet their budget and style flawlessly. For starters, you can check out Kundan Pendants which use traditional gemstones, Gold-plated Pendants which come with a blinking golden chain, and an AD/CZ Pendant which uses American diamonds and they go best with ethnic wear. For more gold-plated pendants, you must check out simple necklace designs in gold and choose one to make your style statement pendant.
  5. Herringbone Chains- Pairing well with an understated set of earrings, the heavenly Herringbone chains, for a while, were out of fashion, but it’s safe to say that they are back in trend now. The herringbone chain adds a unique element to the table. To properly appreciate the design’s distinctive traits, you must get intimate with it by trying it once.  A herringbone chain’s appearance is more than what meets the eye. To enjoy the entire experience, you must hold the silky, smooth materials in your palm, such as real gold and nickel-plated. The herringbone chain is flat but remarkably supple, with just ample flexibility to lie gently on your neck while maintaining its beautiful design.
  6. Celestial Statements- Now, this one is something you can customize according to your outfit by adding sun, stars, and moons. You can fit an entire galaxy in your necklace if need be because celestial statements are always trending. You can even pair them with charm bracelets or earrings.

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