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The Most Effective Experience of Souvenir Shop Business

To succeed in this field you need to have a passion for souvenirs, an eye for aesthetics, business knowledge, merchandise management, and a small amount of capital to start your passion. In addition, you need to have some skills as well as experience to be successful in this field.

1. Store opening location

Customer segmentation is one of the very important stages. Stores need to clearly define their target customers to choose the right store opening location and business items.

For example, if the store’s target audience is students, then the shop should choose a location near schools and choose items that are small, affordable products, suitable for unique teenagers. , personality.

As for the target audience, the shop opening location must be near companies, commercial centers, offices, and products that need to pay attention to sophistication, in accordance with the aesthetic taste of this object.

You have to regularly learn the tastes of young people to know what the gift trends are now (there is an animal emerging, for example). You have to be one step ahead of other stores for your store to attract customers. In addition, you need to do some small research on buying behavior and demand around the area you sell.

2. Source of goods

When dealing in souvenirs, shops must try to find sources of rich and cheap goods. Souvenir items are very diverse (teddy bears, crockery, handicrafts, earrings, rings, notebooks, pens …) This product often follows fashion, buying a lot will easily be stocked.

The special thing is that if you want to do this business, you should find unique products to create your own style for the shop. The supply of souvenir products is quite diverse, shops can find and check prices at wholesale markets or at handicrafts and ceramics production facilities. Your source can be found on websites that specialize in bulk supplies, and if you buy in bulk, you will certainly receive vouchers, coupons for souvenirs, or discounted prices. 

Each type of sample should only be taken in a small quantity, because this business is a very quickly faulty mode, buying a lot will have a lot of inventory. If you want to trade this item, you have to work hard to “find” “unique” goods to create your own style for the shop.

3. Unique store decoration

Due to the specificity of this business, it is necessary to be unique, so the design of a souvenir shop should be impressive and bright, attracting passers-by. Shop for cabinets, you should buy aluminum cabinets because this type is easy to liquidate when needed, make some more shelves on the wall to display goods, the color needs to be bright.

In addition, the shop can paint the walls in the store with light colors and install a lot of lights because the goods have many colorful colors to highlight all the products in the shop.

One point to note for the shop is that on holidays, the shop should decorate the accents in the style of that holiday. For example, at Christmas, the highlight is white snow, Santa Claus, pine trees, and lovely accessories to decorate the Christmas tree, or on New Year’s Eve, there should be decorations for peach branches and envelopes. soo.

4. How much capital?

When starting out, you should limit your costs as much as possible, then you can expand later

  • Store rental costs: 
  • Decoration+cabinet, shelf
  • Goods
  • Reserve money
  • The price will depend on the area you open for sale

The cost of hiring staff and management tools when starting out is a small business with few sales, not many customers, and stable, take all you have to save costs.

Later, when the store is stable and starting to become profitable, you can hire employees and use the sales management section to manage all your employees remotely.

5. Online Sales

If possible, you should build an online business website. This is one of the easiest items to sell online. Just take a photo of the product, post it on the web with the price and product features to offer.

You actively share product images and articles on the website via social networks such as Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…. For those who are busy studying and working, choosing souvenirs online is a time-saving solution that deserves attention.

With online sales, you can also market products by creating promotions, giving gifts, giving coupons to stimulate buyers to come to your online store. 

6. Hire a salesperson

If your store has a large scale or complicated sales, it is advisable to hire more employees to sign a contract for at least 2 months. Employees are the face of the store, whether the business is favorable or not is largely due to the salesman’s charm or not.

Employees must be knowledgeable about young people’s preferences, knowledgeable about the products you will sell, and have a sense of responsibility because managing souvenirs is difficult due to perishable or broken products.

Finding a salesperson who is charming, experienced in sales, and has a sense of responsibility is also a very difficult problem for the store model.

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Above are the experiences and tips for those who want to start a souvenir business. If you are really passionate about this field, try it, and don’t give up, you will surely succeed soon. Good luck!


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