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The Kedarkantha Trek | Heaven For Photographers To Click Pictures

How to Reach? By roadways:

The roadways are well connected to all the cities from Dehradun. Regular bus service happens in this location from Delhi as well as many other states. You can also drive to this location or hire a cab to do the same.

By airways:

Major metro cities are having regular flight services to Dehradun. Jolly Grant Airport is domestically well connected to this place.

By railways:

Even in this the major metro cities are also well connected by which you can reach this location easily from all over India. Dehradun junction is the nearest railway available to this location.

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Things to carry during the Kedarkantha trek:

Documents that are necessary to be showcased at each and every permit. Face mask, sanitizer, and helmet that covers the whole face for personal safety. Warm clothes, gloves, sweaters to keep you warm throughout the trip. Backpack to keep things safe and packed. Not all places will have proper water services so having some toilet paper, wipes can help with that problem. As it is a long trip, a personalized brush, paste, towels are required.

During the day to protect yourself from the sun caps can be used, it is not compulsory stationery to carry along. Woolen caps are also to be bought along with u to protect you from the winds and snows of the mountains. Drinking water is not always available so carrying water can help with that difficulty and it can be refilled whenever possible. Extra pair of socks can help you from the cold. Jackets and thermals will also help you with the same.

Hiking shoes will make it easy for you to travel through the place comfortably and safely. Waterproof bike gear is also a necessary thing to carry along. Personal medical kit as per your medical conditions and as per Doctor’s recommendation. Raincoat to protect you from rains at a higher altitude. Dry-packed snacks just for personal use. To bring back some memories home with you, cameras and tripods can be bought along with extra batteries.

Level of difficulty:

It is an easy to moderate trekking experience. An ideal trek that beginners can take up this trekking journey but they need to be very careful as the peaks are a little steadily steely, a small miscalculation can put the life of the trekker in great trouble.

Best time to do the Kedarkantha trek:

The best time to accomplish the Kedarkantha journey is between November and April when the area will be completely covered in snowy mountains, frozen lakes, lush woods, and other natural wonders. Because this journey takes place during the coldest months of the year, trekkers must take extra care.

Reasons to do the Kedarkantha trek:

By taking up the Kedarkantha trek, you get a chance to witness the lake in which once Lord Shiva meditated, the Juda ka Talab, which is almost a frozen lake during the winter. At the top of the Kedarkantha summit, you will experience a stunning view that will make your jaws drop. It is also heaven for photographers to click pictures of the snow falling from the pine trees which almost looks like a cloud of magical dust that nature gives. You get to visit the Govind wildlife sanctuary which is around the Kedarkantha peak.

Places to Visit:

At an elevation of about 1524 meters, Purola is a small town in the northwestern region of Uttarakhand. Gateway to Har Ki Doon is what this place is popularly known as. Osla Village is 2590 meters in altitude. Taluka, which is 26 km from this small village. This village is surrounded by amazing apple trees and this place is located on the slopes of the mountains. It is a hamlet that can be witnessed on the way to Har ki Dun trek which takes place from Sankri.

Taluka Village is a hamlet which is at a distance of about 12 kilometers by car or foot from Sankri village. You can either begin your journey at Bar ki Dun or drive or hire a vehicle from Sankri to Taluka Village, from whence you can continue hiking. Mori holds a particular place in the hearts of travelers because of its natural beauty and picturesque views. This lovely township is situated on the banks of the Tons River in the Uttarkashi district. It is around 1,150 feet above sea level.

Some Facts

The residents of the Kedarkantha valley say that Lord Shiva once meditated on Juda ka Talab, one of the valley’s lakes. This is thought to be strong evidence that they are still superstitious about religious traditions brought down from their forefathers.


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