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The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT)

The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is a community-based organization that supports the development of research, prevention solutions and safer workplaces. The organization is located in Timişoara, a district in western Romania. In addition to implementing research projects, the APSSMT works to ensure that the workplace environment is safe and healthy for workers and employers alike. servicii ssm si protectia muncii Timisoara mission is to promote health and safety at work and help employers and employees in the region lead healthier and happier lives.

Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timisoara (APSSMT)

The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is located in the Western part of the country. APSSMT promotes workplace safety and health through prevention solutions and research studies. The Association works closely with various government agencies and non-governmental organizations to improve working conditions for the workforce and the community. The Association also provides information and training about occupational health and safety. To learn more about APSSMT, please visit their website.


The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is a membership organization that focuses on the development of occupational safety and health solutions. The association also advocates for the improvement of working conditions and fosters a healthier and safer workforce in the area. Its members include employers, workers, and representatives of the health care system. Its members also work to protect the rights of workers, promote healthy workplaces, and develop innovative prevention strategies.

Law No. 319 on safety and health of workers

Romania has a very specific approach to the safety and health of workers in the workplace. It has a specific law on health and safety that applies to all workers, while failing to comply with these regulations may result in administrative and civil liability. In addition to this, the country also requires individual employment contracts for domestic workers, which do not apply to the rest of Romanian workers. Law No. 319 on safety and health of workers in Timisoara, implemented in 2006, is the main piece of legislation protecting the health and safety of workers in Romania.

OSH Committees in Romania

In 2006, Romania passed Law No. 319 on Safety and Health at Work, which constitutes a benchmark in the OSH sector. This legislation has a number of important principles and consecutive provisions, which govern the obligations of employers and workers, as well as the OSH system itself. The aim of the law is to improve the health and safety of workers. In addition to the Law No. 319, there are also several regulations in force to ensure better OSH standards and to ensure that the law is enforced.

Social dialogue at territorial level

The social dialogue process in Romania involves three main participants: the government, the employer organizations and trade unions. The role of the Labor Inspection, OSH research and development entities, insurance bodies, and professional associations of the field are also significant. These bodies hold regular meetings and are expected to contribute with their own opinions, which are communicated to the Economic and Social Council. The results of these meetings are considered during the elaboration of a draft law.

Organisation of OSH activities in accordance with legislation

OSH management systems should be compatible and integrated with other management systems. Worker participation is a key feature of OSH management systems. The employers should ensure that workers are involved in all aspects of OSH management. They should provide adequate training and information on OSH and make arrangements for active worker participation. Organisations should also have performance indicators that are appropriate for the size and nature of the organization. This will allow them to measure their overall performance and identify areas that need improvement.

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