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Safety is the Primary Concern while shipping – Cardboard Boxes are there for you

Getting the products damaged during shipping is trouble no one likes to face. It proves costly for both the businesses as well as the customers. Therefore, safety is the primary concern when it comes to shipping. Among various packaging materials, cardboard is the most preferred choice industry-wide. Whether your items are fragile, heavy, or oversized, cardboard boxes are perfect for maximum protection. They save your products from damage or breakage during the transition, ensuring a safe delivery at the customers’ doorstep. Most packaging manufacturers use custom-printed cardboard boxes to package their goods. They are easy to customize and enhance brand image.

Moreover, these package boxes are the ideal shipping supplies. You can design them in unlimited options of sizes and styles according to your requirement. Here we are going to explain some of the benefits of using cardboard boxes wholesale to meet your shipping concerns:

Safest Material:

Carton boxes made up of corrugated cardboard have become a top choice of all shipping businesses. They have rapidly replaced other forms of packaging due to advanced features. Custom cardboard or corrugated packaging is highly durable and sturdy. They are considered the safest to carry any item. Whether you want to ship household products, machinery, electronics, or office supplies, no other material can offer high-level protection like cardboard. It is stable, withstands external pressure, and resists puncture or further damage.

Moreover, these customized cardboard boxes can be stacked one over the other, quickly occupying less space. You can increase the thickness of corrugated cardboard to double or triple walled if needed. This adds to its compression strength, making it more durable. These printed cardboard boxes have also made their way into the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. The material is moisture-resistant and toxic-free. It prevents any chemicals from penetrating the products. Moreover, it is less likely to get damaged by wet conditions. 

Design it in Different Ways you want:

With the increase in cardboard usage for shipping prints, various manufacturers have started designing the packaging in different shapes, sizes, and styles depending upon their requirements. For example, simple cardboard boxes with lids wholesale are perfect enough if they want to ship household items. In the case of heavy items like machinery, corrugated cardboard boxes printed with product details can serve the purpose. You may also design them with inserts if your product has several parts. This increases the level of protection and makes your items more presentable. A cardboard box with handles facilitates easy carrying. Some designers prefer to experiment with new designs like custom die-cut packaging, sleeve packaging, a product display box, cardboard with windows, triangle cardboard box, and various other options to enhance the attractiveness or functionality. 

Easy on the Pocket:

This material is one of the cheapest options you can get. The best part is that you can easily order cardboard and reuse it several times, reducing the bulk cost. If you want to make cardboard packaging boxes in large numbers, it does not require additional manufacturing or production costs. This makes businesses design the packaging for their entire product range without getting the budget out.  

Environment Friendly:

One of the most significant benefits of using custom cardboard boxes is their eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable nature. They are made from a material that is hygienically safe to use. It does not contain toxins, harmful bleaches, chemicals, or dyes. You might see these cardboard boxes cheaply used frequently for packaging food, beverages, medicines, and various retail products. Most corrugated cartons are made from 70-100% recycled material. 


When a company ships its products, it is often transported to different parts of the world at long distances. Therefore, you need to select a packaging material that You can transport easily. Cardboard packaging boxes wholesale are not only durable and high in strength, but they are also super light to carry. This makes it convenient to handle by manufacturers, retailers, customers, and other supply chain members. Despite their lightweight, the material never compromises on protection. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio. This quality also helps in reducing extra shipping and handling costs. 

Easy to Add-on Padding Due to High Flexibility:

Cardboard is a highly flexible material. It makes product boxes wholesale to be designed in various sizes and shapes depending upon your need. You may also add multiple wall layers to provide extra protection during shipment. Whether you use cardboard product boxes or wholesale shipping boxes, it is easy to add filler or padding without significantly increasing weight. Designing perfect-sized packaging cardboard boxes with inserts enhances the level of safety further.


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