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Seven Top Reasons Why You Lose Your Focus and How to Gain it Back

Lose Your Focus Do you wonder why it seems so hard to get your business tightly focused so you can work in a well defined niche? Finding a focus can be difficult, particularly when you have a lot of different areas of interest, long years of experience and multiple abilities and skills. It might be such a long time since you thought about what you really want to do in life that you almost forgot how you lost the focus of your original dreams. Look at these seven reasons why it is easy to lose your focus and deny your business niche so you can start taking steps to back your greatest dreams.

1. Lack of support:

Did you ever tell someone your desire to build a million dollar business? Did they look at you and tell you to stop dreaming? That type of response to sharing your vision early your business process can cause you to stop dreaming about what you instinctively know you were born to do. Take time to stop denying your personal power in order to live smaller than you were born to be. Dig up your deepest dream, bring it to the surface of your mind and take steps to live what you know you were born to do.

2. Living the Dreams of Others:

Did others suggest to you what you should be doing in life? Maybe you only felt supported when you pursued the ideas others wanted for you, not what you know you wanted to do. Listen to your heart and know that your true life vision is stronger than anything others imposed on you; it is striving to come out so say “yes” to that desire and let it live.

3. Not Knowing How Lose Your Focus:

Did your life vision seem impossible? To keep yourself from feeling frustrated or angry, maybe you went into a whole different line of work that didn’t seem so hard to do. Now you feel that your missed calling is crying out to you and you wonder how to get at least a small piece of the excitement back. If the calling in your life is so strong that it just won’t die, you have a really need to perform the idea in your heart. Answer the call and achieve your success.

4. Lack of Courage Lose Your Focus:

Has the fear of failure kept you from moving forward in your personal vision for success? Some dreams are so big that they are frightening to think about. If you had no role models in your youth who gave a reality to your vision you might not have known how to start. More women are reaching incredible feats these days. Seek your own mentors and start moving ahead to make the impossible, possible.

5. Hearing Only Negatives Lose Your Focus:

Were you pounded by negative statements in your life that left an impact you didn’t even recognize? How many negative words from others have stopped your dream? Negative statements can hurt or even try to kill your dreams. But you have the power to bring those dreams back to life by learning to use positive affirmations which are really the truth of your life to change the subconscious ideas that hold you back.

6. Judging Your Dream Lose Your Focus:

A big secret to living the vision of your dream is to not place a judgment on that dream. Stop thinking about reasons why you can’t do what you see in the dream. When you decide to live the vision of your compelling dream you will find the ways to pursue it, no matter the costs in your current life if that’s what you choose. You will realize that you can pursue the dream in full and be more successful than you could imagine.

7. Not Claiming Expertise Lose Your Focus:

If you want to become a leader in your own right, you need to let the world know exactly how you can inspire, educate, inform, help, or otherwise improve their life or situation. Your message must be clear, strong, and focused in order to attract attention and to make a point. Claim your expertise and you will write. Your ticket and with a solid marketing plan, there will be no limits to your potential success.

These seven areas are just the tip of the iceberg for the reasons. Why you might have lost your dream and now find it difficult to find your focus. Go over these points and see what comes up in your thought process. How have you been denied your greatest self by the short-sightedness of others. Your not understanding how to pursue your dream? Start by writing down ideas that come to mind that you have been denying as your dreams. Then seek the processes that can get you started in turning the negatives around so you can reach your greatest goals.

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