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Attack on Titan – All about Rod Reiss

Attack on Titan is a very famous Japanese dark fantasy anime series which is loved by a large number of people. This series is not only loved by people but is also well acclaimed by critics and hence has been one of the most selling anime all across the world. In this blog we are going to talk about the largest attack that has been on Titan, so fans of Attack on titan, this blog is for you. 

The largest attack on Titan 

Rod Reiss is the lord Reiss who was an abnormal Titan and also the mighty villain in the series. It’s height was twice the height of the colossal titan, which makes him the largest titan which was known ever. A good size Titan eren who was fifteen metres was only the size of the mouth of Titan rod reiss and eren had to transform and then stand on the top of the wall so that it could attack. Whereas, titan rod reiss was quite big than the wall and only his half of the body was equal to the wall. Rodd has an enormous torso with a small head and very thin limbs and because of this, it could not stand properly. To move, it had to crawl on this four limbs and because of this scrapping along the ground the face and torso of rodd has been worn out, which further more exposed its internal organs. 

Why was Rod Reiss so big in form?

Almost everyone has wondered about the enormous Rod Reiss Titan form; this is why we have tried to explain it in this blog. In the attack on titan Manga, Erwin told that Rod reiss was an abnormal titan because of its size. But its size was not the only reason for its abnormality, but the another reason was that it ignored everyone else and kept on moving ahead towards Orvud district and also wall sina. The size of Rod Reiss is abnormally huge specifically because of three reasons which are likely to be – 

  • Improper ingestion of the serum if Titan 
  • The serum used by Rod was extremely powerful 
  • Rod actually belonged to the royal bloodline 

Let us look at these three reasons in detail.

Improper ingestion of the serum if Titan 

A history states that Titan becomes abnormal because the serum they have used might not get ingested properly. Abnormal titans are created as a result of improper ingestion which takes place and hence they exhibit different characteristics than the other titans like they move faster or in strange way, they have enormous size, they ignore some humans and have their focus fixed on others. He instead of injecting the serum licked it which might have caused the error and its abnormal titan. 

The serum used by Rod was extremely powerful 

The type of titan produced depends on the attributes of the serum which has been used while creating a titan. And, Rod became such a titan because the serum he used was extremely powerful and was labelled as strongest titan. Hence, it proves that Rod made the serum to create the strongest titan ever in the history. 

Rod actually belonged to the royal bloodline 

There is a theory that a titan born from the royal blood line is sort of abnormal and this could be the reason for Rod’s titan abnormality as Rod also belonged from the Royal blood line. It is possible that his royal blood triggered the abnormal titan trait and hence he was created the way he is now.  


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