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You have achieved success and are now well-off. You don’t have to struggle to make ends meet. This is precisely the time you should think of giving back to the people who have helped you along the way. Maybe your parents have contributed much to your success. Your teachers and the well-wishers have contributed to making your dream come true. Now that you have become independent, it is time to give back to the community and the people you love. But, one might wonder, why is it important to give back? Continue reading to learn more about the topic.

Charity Brings Happiness: God created men to be kind and loving to each other. Therefore, it is your duty as a Man to help your fellow human beings. When you help someone achieve their life goals, you find joy unmatched by anything else. No amount of material possession can make you happy unless you learn how to give them away.

  • When you offer care and love for the poor, you find that your heart is filled with warmth and glow. You feel as if you have found purpose in life. True contentment does not come from acquiring more and more. Instead, it comes when you gift your time caring for the unloved, the unfortunate, and the forgotten.
  • God is there in every living human being. When you learn to see others for who they are, you will see beauty in everyone. If you start caring for others, your problems in life will seem insignificant. You will be completely devoted to bettering others’ life. You will experience a higher state of being that knows no narrow-minded, selfish thoughts. Let god guide your actions.

The Law Of Morality: It is hard to believe that millions of people die every year due to a lack of food and basic nutrition. At the same time, hundreds of tons of cooked food are wasted each year in America. The issue of wasting food is a serious one. Therefore, a moral man would argue that society is failing because it cannot feed the hungry. You see homeless men and kids on the street begging for food. You might wonder what an individual such as you can do to help eradicate hunger.

  • There are various Government and Nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to bring about a change. Many big food chains and corporations too have come forward and decided to feed the hungry. For example, SPB Hospitality has teamed up with to raise funds for National hunger Awareness month. The online and offline funds will be donated to the No Kid Hungry foundation.
  • You may donate your time to such NGOs and help them prepare and distribute food among hungry kids. Or you may decide to write a big fat check for such organizations as they need your help.
  • You may also cook food at home, pack them well and distribute the same to the local homeless people. Homeless people always look for hot food and clothing to keep them warm. Therefore, purchase plain clothes and distribute the same to the people who spend their nights outside under the empty sky.

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