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Reason why logical reasoning test should be a part of hiring

For any organization, to have a team of qualified yet professional experts is extremely important. Unfortunately not many people are really aware about hiring the right candidate since the practice of hiring through personal interview is only carried. No doubt that personal interview is a fruitful way to hire a candidate but it is also true that when you come across the person who must have mentioned many details in the CV but you are not really sure if he/ she can fulfil the company’s expectation. At such point of time, it is always better to assess the candidate though psychometric test. This is one part of understanding the working pattern of the candidate and understanding if the person is a right fit for the job or not.

Understanding more about the assessment platform:

The reason why you must choose the right online assessment platform is because of the results it gives. You don’t really have to wait for the results to come since you get the whole amazed report of the candidate in just 15-20 minutes. This way, you can get an in-depth behavioural pattern along with the knowledge and experience which a candidate in actually life has achieved so far. Reason of using it before personal interview is to get a clear idea about the strengths and weakness of the candidate and that is why choosing options like psychometric and aptitude test can always work. However, moving to the psychometric test, it is further categorized in many parts and today we will learn more about the logical reasoning test.

The concept of logical reasoning test:

It is not a new concept but yes the test certainly is kind of new. The test name itself states what its purpose is. No doubt that such test gives you a better understanding about the candidate but it is also true that it gives you an idea on whether the candidate is capable enough to use some of his own logics and come to a fruitful solution that can benefit the company without spending much time and money. This type of solution can be used for hiring the candidates across the globe provided you use an online platform and secure it with the proctored solution. This type of test is a value for money solution and hence speaking with subject matter expert and getting clear idea about it can always be helpful for you.

How the test needs to be organized:

As a recruiting manager, you may come across people of different profiles and different behavioural pattern. Your focus should always be on choosing those candidate who can offer you with better logics and have a valid reason on why such logical applied can be useful. Of course., such test is obligatory for specific job roles but if you are planning to conduct it for freshers, then you must keep only the basic level questions just to examine whether the candidate is capable to drive a logical solution or not. To create this test there is no hard and fast rule but yes, to make sure you drive to a fruitful result, you must research well on the questions that are generally asked.

Once you shortlist the questions, try to put them in your pattern of the test by moulding it in such a way that it reflects the scenario of your organization. This way, the candidate would come up with the answers on which action should be taken why and when. Depending upon the answers that you get, it then becomes convenient for you to compare among the candidates and then come up with a decision on which should be the person to be shortlisted for the next round of interview which either could be a technical round or directly a personal interview.

It is important to understand that written and verbal skills in any organization matters the most along with the logical reasoning more than that of the application of mathematical concepts to be used. With a standardized logical test, you can certainly be ensured that you are hiring a right fit for the company. The process would include the evaluation of the candidates on certain competences that are designed on the online assessment. This way, you can get only the high quality candidate for the final round and save your valuable time and cost of hiring.

Profile for which such testis advised:

In case, you are planning to make this test as the primary one for hiring expect for freshers then keep a note that it is not meant for all the candidate profile. Rather it is best suited for the people who are from research and development, medical technology, engineering or IT, legal security or even the paralegal or training and management profile. You need to see that candidate who apply for such test understands and grasps the new material and evaluate the information in such a way that it is being right presented. The candidate needs to come up with quick decisions since the answer needs more than just understanding the facts.

No doubt that such type of test is worth investing but it is always better that you speak with those people who had previously opted for such type of test to assess their candidate. Personal feedback always matters the most and can give you better output before drawing any conclusion. So start with an effective hiring with a right platform of assessment from today.


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